3rd and 4th Class

3rd & 4th Class


Class teacher: Ms Waters

No of pupils: 27

Go Noodle username: The Dabbing Squad

Favourite subject: Art/PE

3 words we would use to describe our class: friendly, smart & enthusiastic


Welcome to Third and Fourth class! From our fact file you can see there are 27 pupils in our class, 10 pupils in 4th and 17 pupils in 3rd. We are halfway through the year now so we would like to tell you what we have done so far...we have been busy bees!!!



  • New class – new rules. We learned all about the importance of having class rules and following them.
  • 3rd class started their swimming lessons in Ferrybank
  • We learned about the counties in Ireland and each pupil has a county to research and prepare a project on.


  • Third class began learning their multiplication tables
  • We learned about Myths & Legends and read/discussed The Children of Lir
  • We had our end of term Prize-Giving


  • 4th class started preparing for Sing Out Loud! They really enjoyed practising and had a great night in the Opera House
  • We started learning about The Romans and we worked in groups to create group projects


  • We held auditions for our Christmas play ‘The Santa Interview’. Pupils from 3rd – 5th participated in the play; the pupils involved worked really hard and put in a stellar performance on the day at the prize giving. Future stars in our midst!
  • We learned about Tom Crean and Antarctica


  • 3rd class began learning their division tables
  • We learned about The Normans and we made projects in our groups and presented them to the class
  • We started learning about the Solar System. We learned that Pluto is now a dwarf planet. We learned a mnemonic to help us learn our planets – My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets.