4th and 5th Class

4th & 5th Class

There are thirty of us in 4th/5th class. There are twelve boys from 4th while there are eight boys and ten girls in 5th class.


We are busy and working hard each day in the various subject areas. Some examples of this include, in History we completed projects based on Greek Gods. We each picked a God we were interested in and found out more information about them.


We were learning about electricity and how circuits work in Science. Based on this we all made our own lighthouses. They had to be made from recycled material and had to light up. We completed a write up to explain how we designed and made them. When completed we all presented our projects to the class.


We are currently researching the various EU member states in Geography. We will complete a project based on one particular country and share our findings with the class.


We had great fun taking part in Yoga classes. We are taking part in the Super Trooper activity program at home this year. We are also keeping active in school by doing Go Noodle activities in class. These include various dance routines, athletics, stretching and mindfulness activities.


We really enjoyed practicing for and performing songs, a poem and a play called The Santa Interviews for our parents before Christmas.