5th and 6th Class

There are 25 pupils in 6th class. They all work really hard and enjoy being in one of the 3 new classrooms. We have an Interactive whiteboard and lots of resources and equipment in our room.


6th class do all of the curricular subjects and there are lots of challenges to our day. 6th class do Maths, Problem Solving and English Comprehensive Questions from the Prim Ed boxes for one hour each per week.


In English we do three novels in 6th class. In the first term we read The Custodian by D.A. O’Connor. It was a very exciting book written by a group of 6th class pupils in a school in Co Laois. We have just finished the novel Holes by Louis Peacher. We also watched the movie. Next term, we will be doing a collection of novels in the classroom in different groups.


We do Irish in lots of different ways in our classroom. We do our Irish reading, writing, grammar, story and poetry from our Bun go Barr 6. And we also have Léigh sa Bhaile which we use almost every day. We are learning some of the traditional Irish songs like Baidín  Fheilimidh, Trasna na dTonnta and Beidh Aonach Amárach.


In Maths we are doing lots of interesting, challenging work. We are also doing some surveys at the moment. We are finding out about Reading Habits in 2nd class, Physical Activities in the Infant rooms and we are doing a Political and Social Media questionnaire with the senior classes. We look forward to displaying all of these surveys soon.


In 6th class this year we have done lots of different PE and Sports. We did Yoga in November and December. We did Rugby in December and January. We are looking forward to doing GAA later in the year and some Irish Dancing as part of our Seachtain Na Gaeilge.


Each year in our school we do lots of music. We do curricular music based on The Right Note music book which is all about listening to music, listening and responding and composing music. We also learn the tin whistle in our school and we have learned some nice airs and melodies this year such as Ar Éireann Ní Neosainn Cé Hí and the Lough Tay Boat Song .


We sing at lots of events in our school. Every November we take part in the Sing Out Loud concert in the National Opera House and this year we had lots of fun.


We also take part in Assemblies, Prize-Giving and concerts. Every Christmas I put on a concert with 6th class pupils and this year we had one also. It was a night of fun, craic, carol singing, dance and acting.


We have an Artist called Martina in our school for 4 weeks and she has done some lovely artwork with us.


We do History, Geography and Science in our room each week under the subject SESE -  Social, Environmental and Specific Education. Some of the topics we will cover in 6th class are:

Food chains and webs
World War Two
Industrial Revolution
Rocks and Soils
Famous Women in the 19th/20th Centuries
American and French Revolutions
Hospital Technology
Global Issues
Weather, Climate and Atmosphere
Northern Ireland

We look forward to learning so much this year in 6th class.


We also prepare the pupils for their transition to 1st year in secondary school by doing a lot of discussion on what to expect in 1st year. We also do Career’s Week and a Transition Programme in the last term.


Our class is a happy place where we socialise and interact with each other in a respectful and caring environment.


Our class rules are:


Respect Each Other


Work Hard


Hands up to speak and Listen