Senior Infants and 1st Class

Senior Infants & 1st Class

In my class there are 6 Senior Infants who are all boys, and 13 First Class pupils - 5 boys and 8 girls. We also have another important member in our class - Ted the Bear. Ted always looks out for our ‘Pupil of the Week’ each week and enjoys going on adventures with them at the weekend.


In our class you will find the green, blue, yellow and red group. We enjoy working together as a team to earn points for our ‘Bravo Board’! Before Christmas we worked very hard and were delighted when we filled our Glass Bauble Jar. Our reward this time was Hot Chocolate, marshmallows and a movie afternoon. We are now working hard to fill the jar again and can’t wait to see what our next reward might be.


This term so far we have enjoyed learning about a number of different topics. Firstly we learned all about China. We located China on a map, created a fact file about China which included its capital, currency, famous cities, rivers and landmarks. We also learned about the Giant Panda, the symbol of peace in China and created Chinese Flags. We learned about the Chinese New Year festival and created Chinese dragons and lanterns to have our own parade in the classroom. Following this we learned about space, which included learning about Neil Armstrong, the sun and moon and we also created our own rockets. We are looking forward to the many other topics we will learn about this year.