Ms. Audrey McCarthy

Ms. Audrey McCarthy

Hi there!

I have been Principal in St Joseph’s N.S. since September 2012. Before that I spent my previous teaching years in Dublin – 13 years in a school in Monkstown near Dún Laoghaire in Co. Dublin. I then became Principal of a school just off O’ Connell Street in Dublin City Centre. This was a Boys’ School with pupils from over 40 different nationalities. I was thrilled to become Principal of St Joseph’s N.S. as I attended this school myself as a pupil. I remember so well the teachers, the subjects we learned, the music we played and the fun we had.


I studied teaching in Froebel College in Blackrock Co. Dublin which was affiliated to Trinity College, Dublin. Later in 2007, I completed a two year Masters in Educational Management. This set me up for the job as a Principal.


As a teaching Principal my first priority is to my class. I take 25 days per year out of the class to fulfill some of the duties of Principal. There is never enough time to get them all done! These are some of the things I do as Principal:


1. Oversee Teaching and Learning in the school
2. Hold regular staff meetings
3. Discuss pupil’s progress with staff, parents and any relevant organisations
4. Meet with the school psychologist to discuss specific needs of some pupils
5. Manage and organise the school environment
6. Decide on the resources and materials and books needed each year
7. Hold regular Board of Management meetings
8. Attend regular Parents’ Council Meetings
9. Develop school policies
10. Hold regular meetings with the Deputy Principal
11. Attend outside meetings re: pupil’s or school development
12. Attend Professional Development courses/seminars

I love my job!

I have lots of other interests:

Music - I play a bit of piano, tin whistle and banjo! We love to play music in our school too.

Singing - I am a member of the Little Sea Musical Society

Reading and Writing

Sports - I like to watch all sports and do some running in my spare time.