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1st and 2nd Class

1st and 2nd Class


We have made it to June! And what fun we are having during our final month of school. We went on a fantastic school tour to Pirates Cove in Courtown. Have a little look at what we got up to below.

School Tour

Have a look at some photographs from our school tour to Pirates Cove on June 15th. We had an absolute ball trying all of the different activities.

Class photographs.JPG

We spent time in the Fun Caves.

Caves 1.JPG

Caves 2.JPG

Caves 3.JPG

We played some bowling.

Bowling 1.JPG

Bowling 2.JPG

Bowling 4.JPG

We got into the Zorbs and the Go Karts.

Zorbs 1.JPG

Go karts 1.JPG

Go Karts 2.JPG

Then we had some delicious nuggets, sausages and chips!

Food photo 1.JPG

Food photo 2.JPG

Following our food we got to go on the bumper boats.

Boats 3.JPG

Boats 4.JPG

Boats 1.JPG

Boats 2.JPG

2nd class girls.JPG

2nd class girls 2.JPG

Class picture boats.JPG

Before our tour we designed our School Tour T-Shirts. We loved this activity!

Tshirt 1.jpg

Tshirt 2.jpg

Coastguard Visit

We had our annual visit from the Coastguard in June.


April and May

April and May have been very busy months in 1st and 2nd Class. 2nd Class were so busy preparing for their First Holy Communion. We learned all about Outer Space and the solar system in SESE.

First Holy Communion

Saturday 14th May 2022 was a very important date for the children in 2nd Class. They finally got to celebrate their First Holy Communion after a year of preparations. They did a super job and they should be so proud of themselves!

Class communion photo.jpg

Communion class photograph.jpg

Communion art.jpg

Communion candles.JPG

communion church.JPG


We have been learning all about Outer Space and the Solar System through enquiry, creative and class led approaches during the month of May. We have had a lot of fun with this theme this month!

Space art display 2.JPG

Space art in class 1.JPG

Space art JR.JPG

Space art KD.JPG

Space art TH.JPG

We got creative and made lots of spaced themed art.

Space newpaper DC.JPG

Space newspaper.JPG

Dara brought us in these old newspapers from 1969, the year that Apollo 11 reached the moon.

Space planet projects.JPG

Space planet projects 2.JPG

We broke into different groups and researched the planets using the iPads.


2nd Class have been getting very hands-on with their Maths lessons this month. We have been learning all about length and capacity.

Maths - length.JPG

Maths - length 2.JPG

Maths - capacity.JPG

PE and Irish

We are once again focusing on our Athletics skills in PE this term. We will be getting plenty of practice in for our upcoming sports day! In Irish we have been revising some of our vocabulary from the term.

PE - athletics.JPG

Irish interactive games.JPG


We have been learning about all things Spring and flowers in 1st and 2nd Class. See what we have been getting up to below!

Educational Tour

On March 16th we went on our first Educational School Trip in 2 years. We were looking forward to visiting the fire station and the library so much and we were not disappointed!

We started out with a trip to Wexford Fire Station.

Group photograph fire station.JPG

Class photographs fire station.JPG

Cloak room group pic.JPG

Fire truck.JPG


Inside fire truck 1.JPG

Inside fire truck 2.JPG

We then hopped back onto the bus, had a quick snack and made our way to Wexford Library for a reading with Thomas. We also got to browse the children's section in the library and read any book that we wanted.

Library group photographs.JPG

Library reading pics 1.JPG

Library reading pics 2.JPG

Reading room.JPG

We finished our day with lunch at Min Ryan Park. We spent a little while playing in the playground too!


Playground 1.JPG

Playground 2.JPG


Our theme this month has been The Garden Centre and planting. We sowed sunflowers, we role played "at the garden centre", we played with Lego and we used our imagination to create some amazing junk art.

Aistear 1.JPG

Aistear 2.JPG

Aistear junk art 2.JPG

Aistear junk art.JPG

Aistear Lego.JPG

Aistear planting.JPG

Aistear planting 2.jpg


As part of Seachtain na Gaeilge, we have been learning some Irish dances. We also played some bench ball.

Bench ball.JPG

SNAG dancing.JPG

SNAG dancing 2.JPG


We enjoyed some delicious pancakes on Pancake Tuesday.


World Book Day

We all dressed up as our favourite characters to celebrate World Book Day.

World Book Day.JPG

World Book Day 2.JPG

World Book Day 3.JPG


We spent a lot of time outside researching our environment this month. We learned about different wildflowers and plants in our surroundings. We used a key to identify them. We also watched some clips from the television show "Faoi Bhláth" which focusses on Irish wildflowers.

Spring Walk.JPG

Spring walk check list.JPG

Wildflower walk.jpg


February has been a very quick but very fun month in 1st and 2nd Class. We have managed to pack a lot of work and play into just a couple of weeks. Check out what we got up to below!

SESE / Art / Literacy

Our theme for this month has been Australia. We spent the month learning all about the geography of Australia as well as it's unique native animals. We learned about some important landmarks too. We listened to some old Aboriginal myths and legends and compared and contrasted them to our own Irish stories.

Australia boomerang and board.jpeg

Australian animals cut and stick.jpg

We also researched and wrote reports about our favourite Australian animals. We used the iPads to do our research in groups. Once we had all of our information, we used it to write about our animals. These are now displayed in our Australia area.

Animal report research.jpeg

Animal report research 2.jpeg

Reports on Australian animals.jpg

We created some Aboriginal inspired art using the technique of pointillism.

Australia art pointillism 2.jpeg

Australia art pointillism 3.jpeg

Australia art pointillism.jpg

We also learned about and explored the Great Barrier Reef. We drew and coloured our own Great Barrier Reef landscapes.

Coral reef art.jpeg

PE and Active Week

We have been super busy the final week before our February Mid-Term partaking in Active Week. We used the hula hoops and skipping ropes, played parachute games and we did an obstacle course.

Active week hula hoop.jpg

Active week skipping.jpg

Active week obstacle.jpg

Active week parachute.jpg

We also continued using our soccer skills this month.

PE soccer.jpeg


On February 1st we celebrated St. Bridget's Day. We created some St. Bridget's cloaks by weaving paper. We also celebrated the Chinese New Year that week. It is the year of the tiger. We put a lot of time into creating these colourful tiger portraits!


Weaving 2.jpeg

Chinese New Year art.jpg

Show and Tell

We all got to bring something to school this month to show to our classmates. We had to spend one whole minute talking about the object we brought. This proved to be much harder than we first thought!

Show and tell.jpeg


We have been working hard learning our past tense verbs in Irish. We have also been doing lots of work around sentence structure. We loved using these colour coded cards to create our own Irish sentences.

Gaeilge - sentence cards.jpeg

Gaeilge - sentence cards 2.jpeg


2nd Class Maths group with Ms. Foley have been working hard to learn about weight and telling the time.

Maths - weight.jpeg

Maths - time.jpeg


We have been learning all about light in science this month. We learned about translucent, transparent and opaque objects. We also investigated refraction and how objects can appear to bend and change direction when put into water.

Science - light.jpg


We have had a busy start to 2022 in 1st and 2nd Class. Have a little look below to see what we have been getting up to.

*Click here to hear us singing "Beidh Aonach Amárach".


This month in SESE we have been learning all about Antarctica and Antarctic explorers, Tom Crean and Ernest Shackleton. We took on the roles of an Antarctic explorer in the role play area. We wrote diary entries, built our own camps using Lego and created some Southern Lights art at the arts and crafts table.

Aistear - role play area.jpg

Aistear - role play.jpg

Aistear role play 2.jpg

Aistear - role play 3.jpg

Aistear - lego.jpg

Aistear - lego 2.jpg

Aistear art.jpg


This month we worked very hard on improving our oral Irish. We also focused on the theme of "An Aimsir", acting out roleplays and playing interactive games along the way. We also learned the song "Beidh Aonach Amárach".Click here to hear us singing!

Gaeilge - rolimirt.jpg

Gaeilge - rolimirt 2.jpg


Ms. Foley's Maths group did lots of work using money in January.

Maths - money.jpg


In keeping with our Antarctic theme, we have been focusing on temperature and sources of heat. We experimented with thermometers and we sorted heat sources into 2 groups; natural and artificial.

Science - temperature.jpg

Science temperature 2.jpg


This month our focus has been on developing our soccer skills. We have been learning how to properly pass, dribble, header and throw in the ball.

PE soccer.jpg

soccer 3.jpg


We have been focusing on report writing this term. We wrote our first report about emperor penguins after listening to the picture book "The Emperor's Egg". We found out some incredible facts and we sorted them out to create our very own reports. We then sat in the author's chair and read them to our class.

Report writing.jpg

Report writing 2_LI.jpg

Report writing 3_LI.jpg


There was excitement building throughout the month of December in 1st and 2nd Class as the boys and girls began their countdown to Christmas. They were greeted each morning by Eddie the Elf and were always excited to see the mischief that he had been up to during the night. We focused on the theme of Christmas this month and had much fun along the way.


We really enjoyed our Christmas themed Aistear stations this month. We made some Christmas themed Lego, we wrote some Christmas letters, we made some Christmas art and we staged the Late Late Toy Show in our roleplay area. Here are some photographs of what we got up to.

Aistear Lego.jpg

Aistear writing.jpg

Aistear art.jpg

Aistear roleplay.jpg

Fashion Designer of the Year Competition!

This year we had our very first Fashion Designer of the Year competition. The staff were absolutely blown away by the efforts of both pupils and parents for this competition. 1st and 2nd Class had some fantastic creations and Ms. Foley was so proud of all of the boys and girls.

Well done to Dara in 1st Class who won the overall award of Fashion Designer of the Year for his wonderful Christmas jumper and hat! Well done to Sophie Sinnott who won our class prize for her super Christmas jumper creation.

Class photo Christmas jumper day.jpg

Xmas jumper designs 1.jpg

Xmas jumper designs 2.jpg

Xmas jumper 3.jpg

Christmas Tree Craft

We made beautiful Christmas tree decorations using lollipop sticks and wool.

Xmas tree craft.jpg

Primary Movement and PE

We have been really lucky to have John and Nigel in to do GAA with us this term. We have been learning and using new hurling skills and we have been really enjoying the sessions.


We finished our much loved Primary Movement sessions with Ms. Maloney this month. Primary Movement has been so effective in improving our gross motor and co-ordination skills since September. We thank Ms. Maloney for her brilliant sessions this term.

Prim move.jpg


We have been loving our Gaeilge theme of An Nollaig these past couple of weeks. We learned so many new words and have been doing lots of fun games and tasks to remember all of this new vocabulary.



We had a great month here in 1st and 2nd Class in November. Our theme for this month was "weather and water". We also had one of our favourite weeks of the school year, Science Week! We started Literacy Lift Off stations and these will also continue next month. Have a look at some of the fun activities we have been getting up to below.

Science Week

We designed and made houses for The Three Little Pigs using toothpicks and marshmallows. This task was far harder than we thought it would be! We have picked up some tricks for our next building task.

Science week 1.jpg

We also investigated reactions by making these lava lamps bubble.

Science week 2.jpg

We used our problem solving and teamwork skills when using the iZak9 blocks.

Science week 3.jpg

We worked on our computer programming skills trying to get the Beebots from A to B.

Science week 4.jpg

Things got messy on Thursday when we made our own slime!

Science week 5.jpg

We finished the week with a bang when we saw the reaction that takes place when Mentos and Coca Cola mix.

Science week 6.jpg


We took on the role of a Meteorologist in Aistear this month. We each had a turn giving our weather forecast while our partner recorded us on the iPad. We then looked back at our forecasting skills on the interactive whiteboard with our class.

Weather station.jpg

Our scientific thinking skills were once more put to the test as we designed and made a sail boat. Before this, we investigated objects that float and sink and why they do so.

Design and make boat.jpg

At the junk art station, we created some weather recording instruments while some of us designed models of the water cycle.

Junk art.jpg

We also enjoyed the extreme weather research station and the group art station in which we discussed, drew and labelled the water cycle.


PE and Primary Movement

GAA started last week and we were delighted to bring in our hurls and helmets again. We have also been getting plenty of movement during our Primary Movement time with Ms. Maloney as we work on our gross motor and co-ordination skills.




We have been working very hard on improving our Gaeilge this month. We have been playing vocabulary games, acting out role plays and using our vocab and verbs as we write in our copies.


Literacy Lift Off

We have been seeing some of the amazing benefits of Literacy Lift Off already in 1st and 2nd Class as the children focus on improving their reading and spelling. Ms. Bohanna, Ms. Carty and Ms. Foley are very impressed by how everyone's reading is improving.



October was a very busy and fun filled month for the boys and girls in 1st and 2nd Class. Our theme this month was Autumn and we had some great fun participating in a variety of activities. Take a look below!


Aistear clay.jpg

We made hedgehogs using clay on the art station.

Aistear cut and stick and playdough.jpg

We did some cutting and sticking and used playdough at our fine motor stations.

Hedgehog homes.jpg

As a part of the construction station, we built these cosy hedgehog houses!

Autumn tree painting.jpg

Geography and Science

We learned about different trees and animals this month for Geography and Science. We discussed hibernating animals and we wrote an explanation piece about how animals hibernate. We also went on a mini beast hunt around the school, identifying various mini beasts as we went.

Mini beast hunt.jpg

Halloween Dress Up!

We had some absolutely AMAZING costumes for this years Halloween dress up. Well done to all parents and children on the amazing effort you all put in. We also raised lots of money for our chosen charity.

Dress up.jpg

Dress up 2.jpg

Dress up 3.jpg


2nd Class learned all about 2D and 3D shapes this month. They constructed shapes using cocktail sticks. They also built shapes from their net. When exploring 2D shapes, the children used Tangrams to create pictures.

Maths shapes.jpg


We finished learning all of the rules of basketball and we played some friendly games for PE.



We have had a fantastic first month back to school and such a fantastic start to 1st and 2nd Class. Here is a sneak peak into some of the work and play that has been taking place in our class over the last 5 weeks.


Our September Aistear and SESE theme was "Myself". We explored this theme through a variety of activities in History, Geography, Science, Art and Drama. Some of these activities included a hospital role play area, a cutting and sticking station, an art station, a writing station and a construction area. Here are some photographs of our super work during Aistear.

Role play.jpeg

Skeleton art.jpeg

Skeleton outline.jpeg


Playdough mats.jpeg

Writing station.jpeg

Final week hospital Aistear.jpeg


We have been doing a lot of practice of our Gaeilge in school this month. We have been doing some group games, learning poems and playing some interactive vocabulary games.

Gaeilge activities.jpeg


Have a look at some of the art we did this month.



We worked really hard at perfecting our basketball skills in September. We started out using beanbags to practise throwing and catching and quickly moved onto more specific basketball skills using the basketballs such as dribbling, chest passes and shooting. We are looking forward to continuing our practice of these skills in next month.

Basket ball skills.jpeg

Friendship Week

The final week of September was our school Friendship Week. We did lots of activities to celebrate Friendship Week. We sang the song "Circle of Friends", we had circle time to discuss how we can be fantastic friends and we had a colouring competition. We read the story "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" which addresses kindness and happiness. We then wrote about the different ways we can fill others buckets and show kindness to our peers and friends.

Bucket filler.jpeg

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