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Green School Committee

Who is on the Green School Committee for 2023/2024?

2nd Class: Archie Cantwell & Keelin McCarthy

3rd Class: Colm McLoughlin & Rory Hawe

4th Class: Kate Quigley & Carragh Waters

5th Class: Leon Cadogan & Sophie Bennett

6th Class: Donagh French & Rory Anglim

Here is our Green School Committee this year.

Green School.jpg

What is the Green School Committee?

Every September pupils from 2nd- 6th classes are asked if they would like to run for the election to be on the Green School Committee. Pupils must put forward their plan/manifesto outlining all the things they want to do to make our school a Green School. Pupils in each class vote for and elect the pupils they think will make a difference.

The teachers who are involved then meet the newly elected committee. They are guided as to how a committee runs and the positions of Chairperson & Secretary are elected by the committee.

The Committee meet once every month and they decide on different activities to make sure we are educated and active in our environment to make it a greener place to be. We are blessed to have plenty of green space with flowers for the bees and a bug hotel. We plant lovely flowers in the Autumn and in Springtime. Our driveway is awash with bursts of yellow and orange in the Springtime when our daffodils bloom.

Some of the activities organised by this committee from year to year are:

  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  • Pupils must bring home their own lunch leftovers and wrappings etc in their lunch boxes.
  • A group of pupils go out each week to pick up rubbish around our school.
  • Monitors make sure that lights are off and doors are closed when pupils go out to the yard at break and lunchtimes.
  • We encourage teachers and pupils to save on electricity and heating by monitoring usage which is also part of the Principal’s job to report usage through the SEAI website.
  • We make sure to minimise use of hand towels and toilet paper in our toilets.
  • We encourage people to keep our school a clean and safe place by sneezing and coughing into our elbow and by washing hands after toilet use.
  • The Chairperson summarises the Green School events and activities for the parents at our end of term celebration and they also add their news to the Principal's weekly update on the website.

Let’s make our school a greener place to be!

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