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1st and 2nd Class

1st and 2nd Class

Welcome to First and Second Class

We are a big class of 29 pupils. There are 21 pupils in 1st Class and 8 pupils in 2nd Class. We welcomed a new teacher to our school this year, her name is Ms. Hannigan.

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This year was the first year that all of 1st Class stayed in school until 3 o’clock. It was hard at first but now we don’t even notice the extra hour in school. It is also an important year for the 8 pupils in 2nd Class, as we are due to make our Communion at the end of the year.
Since September we have been working very hard and having lots of fun on the way. Here is a little look at what we have been getting up to!

1st & 2nd Class Home School Classrooms

The pupils in 1st & 2nd Class have been very creative and busy at home over the past few weeks. A big thank you to everyone who has sent emails or pictures of all the activities going on at home. Keep the updates coming!

Holy Communion

Thank you to all the parents who sent in lovely photos of the boys & girls in Second Class who were due to make their Communion on Saturday the 16th May. I hope you all enjoyed your day! Here are some of their lovely Art Chalices.

D communion chalice .jpgS communion Chalice.jpgEl communion chalice .jpgE Communion chalice .jpeg


Sophie has been busy making replicas of several of her classmates in school. Aren't they fantastic! Can you guess who they are from left to right? Hint: That's me in the middle.

toilet roll art.jpgtoilet roll classmates .jpg

Ali was busy over Easter making these lovely Easter Art pieces. They are so colourful. Well done Ali!

art A.jpgart A 3.jpg

Nathan was busy and created this fantastic drawing! Well done Nathan!



As we have started to learn about Africa, I had mentioned to try African masks for Art. Here are Ellie's (left) and Mia's (right) African masks. Both very different but nevertheless great imagination have gone into both of them. Super work girls!

African mask.jpgafrican mask 2.jpg

Active Home Week

As it is Active Home Week Sophie (left) and Sam (right) were busy in the kitchen making these delicious smoothies. Super healthy too!

smoothie .jpgsmoothie 2.jpg

Other Activities

Max has been learning all about the life cycle of a plant, he planted bean seeds and they have got so big it is possible there is a giant living at the top! Max was very busy measuring the rain in April with his homemade rain guage and was going to compare it to previous years to see how different the weather was. As you can see from his recordings, it was a pretty dry month. Super work Max!

Seed planted.jpegrain gauge.jpegM work .jpeg

Mia has picked up two new hobbies. She has been putting her gardening skills into practice and getting help form her big brother to teach her how to horse ride. Well done Mia!


Grandparents' Day

In January we celebrated Catholic Schools week and Grandparents' Day. We interviewed our Grandparents about their lives when they were in school and we listened to very interesting stories. Life was very different in the past and we realise that now and how lucky we are. We also created some art pieces for our Grandparents. Here they are!

Blog grandparents art.jpgGrandparents art 2.jpg


We have covered many different topics in SESE so far this year. We learned about houses and home, Halloween all over the world, Life: then and now, Antarctica and the Polar Regions, Spring, the Farm and so on. We love doing Science experiments; we even learned how to make a hurricane in a bottle!


We are a very creative class and we love doing art every Wednesday. Since September we have been creating art with different materials and tools such as paint, chalk, clay, collage, oil pastels and so on. The best part of our art is that each art piece is wonderfully different, just like us! Here are a few pictures of what we have been creating!

Christmas art.jpgLove birds.jpg

House art 2.jpg

House art.jpgHedgehogs art.jpg

World Book Day 2020

On World Book Day, we dressed up as our favourite book characters. Everybody put in a lot of effort and it was a great day for the whole school.

Stretch-n-Grow, Yoga

We were very fortunate this year to take part in Stretch-n-Grow and also Yoga classes over a few weeks. We really loved both of these and got to learn a lot about how our bodies work while exercising and having fun!

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