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An Choill Mhór

An Choill Mhór

‘An Choill Mhór’ is the name of the senior ASD class in Ballymitty N.S.

The name means ‘The Big Forest’.

An Choill Mhór was first opened in September 2019 and in 2023 we opened our purpose built space for our pupils. Our school has changed so much in all the years!

Here it is many years ago!

Photo 1.jpg

Here it is in 2023

Photo 113.jpg

Our pupils love their classroom in An Choill Mhór. It is a nice, bright and open space where they can work independently or with the teacher and SNA.

An Choill Mhór classroom.jpg

An Choill Mhór Classroom

We have six pupils in An Choill Mhór

Our daily routine within our classroom includes Circle time, Maths, Literacy and Occupational Therapy. For these lessons the class have the advantage of working in a small group setting, with the support of the class teacher and the SNA.

Our pupils are integrated into the mainstream classroom as much as possible throughout the school day for all or some curricular subjects with support from the SNA, where needed.

As in An Choill Bheag, we also have timetabled daily sensory breaks for our pupils. Some pupils go into our Sensory Pod which allows pupils to chill, regulate and listen to some music.

Sensory Pod.jpg

Our Sensory Pod

The highlight of our week is when we join with An Choill Bheag for a social activity together, for example Cookery or Movie Day. Often these are out-of-school activities where we head off on the bus to places like Leisure Max, horse riding, the cinema, the playground, the pool or the beach.

Photo of trip/outing with An Choill Bheag - Red Door

Each year we come together in An Choill for our special Christmas lunch with lots of festive food and fun!

Photo of Christmas dinner

Photo of trip with mainstream classes

Each day we do different activities and exercises in our fabulous Central Activities Space.

Central Activity Space.jpg

Central Activities Space

We spend lots of time on the yard on bikes and trikes and developing our motor and co-ordination skills.

Photo of ACM on yard

We were given a beautiful present of two Ceadogán Rugs for our Central Activity Space. These create colour, texture and a sensory distraction for our pupils.

Ceadogán Rugs Art 1.jpg

Ceadogán Rug outside An Choill Mhór classroom

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