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An Choill Bheag

An Choill Bheag

Welcome to An Choill Bheag!

An Choill Bheag is our Junior ASD class and it means 'The Little Forest'!

An Choill Bheag was first opened in September 2018. The inaugural class comprised of a mixture of junior and senior pupils. However, in September 2019 we opened a second ASD class – ‘An Choill Mhór’ – which caters for our senior ASD pupils.

In Sept. 2022 we opened a new section of our building which is a purpose built space for our pupils with autism. We have two new classrooms, a sensory room, a central activities space for PE, OT etc and a big storage room, two toilets, a shower room and safe spaces. This is a wonderful place for our pupils and staff to be in!

Our new An Choill Bheag Classroom - first opened in Sept. 2022

An Choill Bheag classroom.jpg

Our first 'An Choill Bheag' Classroom opened in 2018

received_3390053981012509 (1).jpeg

We have six pupils in An Choill Bheag.

A regular school day here in An Choill Bheag can be quite action-packed and busy. We do lots of nice activities, including Art, Occupational Therapy, Fine Motor Work, Cookery and Circle Time, to name but a few. We also integrate with the mainstream classes as often as possible.

We use the TEACCH approach with our pupils. This is a structured teaching approach which was specifically developed for pupils with autism. As well as Academic Skills, like Literacy and Numeracy, we also work on Communication, Self-Care/Living Skills and Social & Leisure Skills.

Some of our pupils are pre-verbal so we use a range of different forms of communication within our classroom, including PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) and Lámh (which is a form of sign language) and RPM (which is Rapid Prompting Method) used for some pupils.

It is also very important that we cater for the sensory needs of our pupils. We have a lovely little sensory room in our school, where our pupils go for a daily sensory break. We also timetable a sensory play activity most days.

Photo of Sensory Play


'Five Little Ducks' - Water Play - Sensory Activity from 2020

Every week we join with An Choill Mhór for a social activity together. Sometimes the activity is school-based, like Cookery or Movie Day, but as often as we can we like to get out and about in the community. We love going on the bus to different places like to the playground, the cinema, Leisure Max, horse riding and to the pool or the beach.

Visit to Sensory Santa - Dec 2023

Sensory Santa.jpg

Visit to Railway Yard Gallops 2020


Every Christmas, our staff prepare a beautiful Christmas dinner for the pupils and staff of An Choill. There is lots of festive food and fun!

Here is our group Christmas dinner 2023

Photo of Christmas dinner 2023

Christmas Dinner 2019


We also join up with the mainstream classes from time to time for out-of-school trips. Last year we went to Ballycross Apple Farm, Wexford Library, Wexford Garda Station and to Wexford Arts Centre with the mainstream classes.


'On our best behaviour'

Wexford Garda Station - Spring 2019


'Engrossed in books'

Wexford Public Library - Spring 2019

Sometimes we visit local shops and this year we took a visit to the Red Door in Carrig-on-Bannow.

Photo of Red Door visit


Lunch in Wexford Arts Centre - Spring 2019


An Choill Bheag School Tour

Woodfield House - Summer 2019

In Ballymitty N.S. we pride ourselves on being an inclusive school and we love having our new building attached to our school.

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