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2nd and 3rd Class; The Funny Bubbles

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We have been very busy this December in the run up to Christmas. Have a little look at what we have been doing below.


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Have a look at the different Christmas art we have been doing this month.

Grinch Art Collage.jpg

Pallet Collage.jpg


We worked really hard to learn our Christmas vocabulary in Irish. We played a lot of different games to help us.

Gaeilge collage.jpg

Christmas Walk

We loved going for a walk around the parish in our Christmas clothes!

Christmas Walk Collage.jpg


We were super busy during November this year. We had a very successful Science Week and we got to do lots of experiments. We also continued our GAA with Lloyd .


In our Geography lessons, we learned about different types of soils. We learned about what soils are made from and we investigated our own local soils. We took soil samples from around our school and checked them for different materials. We recorded all of our results in our SESE hardbacks.

Soil 1.jpgSoil 2.jpg

Soil 3.jpgSoil 4.jpg


We continued to practise our Fundamental Movement Skills during the month of November. We have been learning how to skip during our Thursday PE lessons.

GAA 1.jpgGAA 2.jpg

PE Skipping .jpg

Science Week!

We have been having lots of fun during this year's Science Week. We have been doing a different science/ STEM experiment each day. We have also been writing about and drawing diagrams of all of the experiments we have done.

On Monday, we were in "engineer mode". We used cocktail sticks and Fruit Pastilles to make a house suitable for The Three Little Pigs. We began by drawing out house plans and then we used the materials to build our houses in our groups.

STEM house.jpgSTEM house 2.jpg

STEM house 3.jpgSTEM house 4.jpg

STEM house 5.jpgSTEM house 6.jpg

On Tuesday, we were investigating the body. We were focusing on our heart and we discussed what the heart does. We then decided that we would find out what happens to our heart when we exercise. We started by taking our pulse in a rested state, then we took it again after jogging and once more after running. We figured out that the more we exercised, the faster our pulse got!

Pulse test 1.jpgPulse test 2.jpg

Pulse test 3.jpgPulse test 4.jpg

Pulse test 5.jpg

On Wednesday we made lava lamps. This was our favourite activity from this year's science week!

Lava lamps 1.jpgLava lamps 2.jpg

Lava lamps 3.jpgLava lamps 4.jpg

Lava lamps 5.jpgLava lamps 6.jpg


During the month of November, we made our first ever projects as group. We learned all about the Wright Brothers using the iPads and we put projects together in our pods.

Projects.jpgProjects iPads.jpg


We have been doing some really fun art this month. We created "Winter Penguins".

We also used clay to create these owl ornaments.

Owls Art.jpg

Art Winter.jpg


October has been another very busy month for our class. We have gotten used to our new handwashing and sanitising routines and we got to do a lot of fun and active learning activities. Here is a glimpse of some of the activities we have gotten up to in the month of October!


In October we learned all about trees! We learned about their leaves, their fruits and how to tell different trees apart. We used tinfoil to create these seasonal "Autumn Tree Prints".

Autumn Trees.jpg

We also went on "Tree Hunt". During our hunt, we collected different leaves, seeds and fruit. We used a "Tree Identification Key" to figure out what tree they came from and we shared what we found when we got back to the classroom.

Tree Hunt 1.jpgTree Hunt 2.jpg

Tree Hunt 3.jpgTree Hunt 4.jpg

Tree Hunt 5.jpgTree Hunt 6.jpg


We have been really lucky to have Nicola from "Stretch and Grow" in our school for 4 weeks in October. Lloyd has also been back in our school to teach our Fundamental Movement Skills through GAA.

GAA photo from term 1.jpg

Stretch and Grow Term 1.jpg


We have been learning about the Stone Age People during the month of October. We created these cave paintings and then some of the class had the chance to explain the story that their cave paintings told.

Whole Class Stone Age Art.jpg

SB Stone Age Art.jpgOW Stone Age Art.jpg


2nd Class have been working really hard at their Maths this term. In October, we explored 2D shapes and we used our tangrams to design "shape pictures" at our desks.

2D shapes 1.jpg2D shapes 2.jpg

2D shapes 3.jpg2D shapes 4.jpg

2D shapes 5.jpg2D shapes 7 2.jpg

2D shapes 6.jpg

Halloween Celebrations

During our last week of school before the Halloween Break, we listened to some spooky Halloween music. We also created some Halloween art and we made a pumpkin volcano as an experiment.

Volcano Pumpkin Experiment.jpg

We dressed up for our last day before Halloween and we roleplayed a drama in our pods based on our costumes. Everyone made such a fantastic effort with their costumes. Well done to both parents and pupils!

Halloween dress up 1.jpgHalloween dress up 2.jpg

Halloween dress up 3.jpgHalloween dress up 4.jpg

Halloween dress up 5.jpg


This year's return to school was very different to the start of any other school year. We had to learn brand new routines and we had to get used to being back in school after spending such a long time learning at home. We all came together and made a huge effort and it turned out that it wasn't as hard as we all thought it would be!


We experimented with different art materials during September, creating these "Picasso Style" self portraits with oil pastels. We also drew and painted birds using watercolour paints.

September art.jpg


For our SPHE lessons this week we read a story called "Silly Billy". This story gave us some ideas about how to deal with big and small problems that may make us feel a little worried.

Silly Blily.jpg


For SPHE/ PE we were so lucky to have Tina visit and teach us some yoga! It may even be an idea to use some of her ideas at home as a way to relax!

Blog week 1 - yoga photo.jpg


In our History lessons, we learned about "Schools in the Past". We did a walking tour of our school and found out when the old and new part of our school was built. We also got to examine some artefacts from a long time ago. We examined an old School Master's leather strap and an old History book. We interviewed our parents and grandparents to find out what primary school was like for them and how it was different from our time in school today.

Schools in the Past Photo.jpg

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