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Hi everyone!

Well done to all students in rang a cúig and rang a sé!

It has been another very busy term! Scroll down to have a look at some of the things we have been doing.

We recorded two songs, the beautiful Winter Song and Jingle Bells.

Well done to the musicians who took it upon themselves to learn both of these songs with very little help!

Click here to listen to Winter Song. Click here to listen to Jingle Bells.

We had our Christmas Prizegiving last Friday. Click here to see the video. Well done to everyone who received a prize! Keep up the great work everyone!

We made Christmas Gonks for your Christmas Trees. We also learned how to make Notans – these required a lot of patience! Last week 5th and 6th learned how to draw Nutcrackers and Reindeer. Have a look at the pictures below. I think you would have to admit that everyone did a fantastic job! A very talented bunch indeed!

nut and rudolph.jpg

20201221_105132 (1).jpg


Our Christmas Pallet


We also went on a tour of Ballymitty where we admired all of the other classes pallets! We were in very safe hands on this walk – Ms. McCarthy hired the very best stewards!


We had great fun making Secret Santa cards for people in our class! Everyone received a card and had to guess who they thought their Secret Santa was. Róisín made a very kind suggestion of making cards for our Buddies. How thoughtful! Everyone was delighted to do this! We hope they liked them!

Collage 2020-12-21 21_29_50.jpg

Collage 2020-12-21 21_26_09.jpg

Collage 2020-12-21 21_22_19.jpg

making cards.jpg

Have a safe and happy Christmas everyone!


5th and 6th have been working very hard so far this year which is wonderful to see. Well done everyone!

Animal Adaptations

For the last few weeks, we have been very busy learning all about many different animal adaptations. The students did excellent projects to showcase their new learning.

Here is a snippet of some of the weird and wonderful things they told me!!

Did you know………

Sloths only go to the toilet once a week!

Kangaroos are unable to pass gas!

A Shrimp’s heart is located in its head!

All Clownfish are born male!

4% of the ice in the Antarctic is actually penguin urine!

Horses are not able to throw up!

The Kangaroo Rat can jump 9ft into the air!

The Alaskan Wood Frog can freeze itself during hibernation!

Dinosaurs used to swallow hard rocks to help them to digest their food!

The Wolverine Frog actively breaks its own bones to produce claws that puncture their way out of the frog's toe pads. They most likely do this when they are threatened.

Here are some of the excellent projects.

Collage 2020-11-23 15_42_14.jpg

Collage 2020-11-23 15_40_18.jpg

Collage 2020-11-23 15_45_36.jpg

Collage 2020-11-23 15_38_08.jpg

Collage 2020-11-23 15_39_30.jpg

Collage 2020-11-23 15_38_40.jpg

Here are some other things we have been learning about over the last few weeks.

Northern Ireland

Our class has been learning about Northern Ireland. I am going to tell you a little bit about what we have been learning. We learned that from 1801, Ireland was completely ruled by England but in 1920, Britain passed a law dividing Ireland into two parts – Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. This was as a result of the 1916 rising. The Republic of Ireland was now a free country while Northern Ireland was still being ruled by England. There were two main groups in Northern Ireland: The Unionists and The Nationalists. The Unionists wanted to be ruled by the English Crown while the Nationalists wanted a completely free Ireland. After 30 long and difficult years of fighting, both parties finally agreed to stop. They signed an agreement called the Good Friday Agreement.

By Róisín Wall


Over the last couple of weeks we have been doing a mini art project on printing. The first step to making our masterpieces was to print three squares on a piece of card. This was for the background. We used a selection of rollers and sponges for this. When we were finished that part, we carved some intricate patterns on polystyrene printing tiles. The following week we chose colours that would contrast with the background colours. We used printing rollers to paint the tiles and then printed them onto the sheet. The end result was fabulous!

By Peter Sinnott


How to Build a Catapult

For Science Week, we made catapults. We used lollipop sticks, elastic bands and a bottle top to make our catapults. When we were finished making them, we had a contest to see whose catapult could fling a pom pom the furthest!

By Harry O’Sullivan

Collage 2020-11-23 15_54_16.jpg

Collage 2020-11-23 15_53_08.jpg

Blue Star Programme

Here in 5th and 6th class we have been very busy. It all started when Ms. McCarthy signed us up for the Blue Star Programme. By the end of the programme we hope to receive our Blue Star flag. Each pupil in 6th class has a different country that is a member of the European Union. The 5th class have teamed up and are going to work on Ireland! Over the coming weeks we will be learning about different aspects of the European Union while also working on our own individual countries! We will keep you posted on our progress throughout the year!

By Leah Finn

Fundamental Movement Skills

We have been focusing on three fundamental movement skills: running, dodging and skipping. Lloyd has been helping us with all of these movements. For example, for the last couple of weeks we have played a warm-up game called Skip and Tip. For this game, you have to skip around and try to avoid the catchers. We also do drills and finish off by playing some sort of match!

By Luke Murphy

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