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6th Class


Easter Prize-Giving

Well done to our deserving Easter prize-giving winners: Eve, Matthew, Erica, Luke and Amillia. Maith sibh!


Easter Art - Fabric and Fibre Easter Baskets



Seachtain na Gaeilge

We had a fantastic two weeks celebrating Seachtain na Gaeilge 2022. We made a huge effort with our Gaeilge every day, we decorated the school with Seanfhocail, we danced the Walls of Limerick in our Céilí and we took part in a Tráth na gCeist outside. We also learned 'Shotgun' by George Ezra as Gaeilge, and performed ‘Grace’ and Amhrán na bhFiann. Bhí an-craic againn! Maith sibh!


Educational Trip to Dublin

The highlight of March was most definitely our Educational Trip to Dublin. We visited the EPIC musuem (Irish Emigration Museum), Trinity College, St. Stephen's Green, The G.P.O. and we even got a guided tour of Dáil Éireann! Thanks to Muireann and Eve for writing and typing the lovely recounts of the day, below.


Our Trip To Dublin

Written and typed by Muireann Barry.

Our trip to Dublin began on the 25th of March. At 7:43 AM, we took the train at O’ Hanrahan Station and arrived in Dublin two and a half hours later. On the train we chatted, ate, met a bot named Athom and probably annoyed all the other passengers in our carriage!

The first thing we did was go to Starbucks [of course] and then we entered the EPIC Museum – the Irish Emigration Museum. It was super interesting! There were tons of different rooms - each with their own theme but always relating to Ireland [ because we're the best]. We learned about Irish emigrants who became sscientists, politicians, poets, artists and even criminals! They had quizes, cool floors, stampers and even interactive screens! I'd recommend The Epic Museum to anyone who'd like to learn more about Irish emigrants or test their knowledge on Ireland.

Straight after that we walked into Trinity College. We looked around and took a quick photo. Afterwards, we continued our journey and soon arrived at St. Stephens Green (or as i like to call it, “The Pigeon Park”] for a nice snack - although some of those pigeons were eyeing up our food!

Anyway, onto our next activity. By now we were all starving and to ensure we didn't get hangry we went to a restaurant called Captain Americas. I ordered a chicken nuggets and chips which were nice but the real stars of the show were the milkshake, which i can only describe as ‘heaven in a glass’, but better again. Now, I could go on about these milkshakes for hours so just to be safe, I'll move on to the next thing.

Following the infamous milkshakes was the tour of Dáil Éireann. Now, I really thought this was going to be boring, but it was like a palace in there! We saw where the Dáil and the Seanad sit. There were so many stairs it made me dizzy and the ceilings were absolutely stunning! Greek details with white and pale blue colouring and the clearest chandeliers in Ireland!

The next part was probably my favourite- the GPO! It was awesome! Starting off, we were given headphones so we could hear the lady and then we walked around a tiny bit before we watched the movie about the 1916 Easter Rising. The movie was so interesting!

Straight after the GPO we crossed the road to Pennys (A.K.A the most amazing shop to ever exist). Most of the boys were not impressed but we all had fun anyways. We were on a time crunch so we had to get in and out fairly lively (as my Grandad would say). Once we had all regrouped, we stopped at Supermacs and then we were on our way!

We walked back to the station Ms. Kehoe kindly reminded us that at a red light you 'Shtawp!'. Finally, we collapsed onto the train and I’ll tell you if we weren’t so noisy i would’ve fallen asleep right then and there. At last we got to go home and i waved goodbye to my friends. Then me and Abbie drove home and at long last i could fall into my bed and go to sleep. We had a fantastic day.


School trip to Dublin!

Written and typed by Eve Hutchinson

On March 25th we went on a really nice school trip to Dublin. So at the start of the day, we went on the train. (obviously) And my favourite part on the train is that we met a boy from Ukraine and he was only 10.

Then we got off the train, and we went to Starbucks. I wasn’t really hungry for hot chocolate, so I just got shortbread. And let me tell you, IT WAS DELICIOUS!

After that, we went to The Epic Museum (the Irish Emigration Museum). I didn't really find it that exiting. But I did like looking at the big screens.

After we came out of the museum. We went to St. Stephen's Green. We had a bit of our lunch there. And also I bought a camera with me, that the pictures come out the top. And everyone wanted a picture. The pictures were great.

Then we went to Captin Americas. The food was nice. But the desert was lovely. For lunch I got pizza. And for desert, I got an oreo milkshake.

After we got something to eat. Me, Erica, Amillea, Ms Casey and Ms Bohanna went to an Art museum, while everyone else went to the Dáiil. And the Art in the museum was really good and very interesting. But what was even more interesting, is that the art was made by someone that Ms Casey knows!

When we came out. Everyone was still in the Dail. So we went to the Disney shop for a quick look. Everything was so expensive. A few of the bags I saw was over €70. And I had a bag that looked a lot like it. And it was only €2 (big difference!).

We all met up again at the GPO. And outside of it was the Spire. It looked like it never ended!

After that, we went to pennies, but I didn't really see anything that caught my eye. I just got some slippers. Then we went to Supermacs and we went to the train station. But then for some weird reason. I was hungry, AGAIN!!! And I felt sorry for not getting anything in Supermacs. But luckily, there was a counter at the train station. I got a chicken tika roll and a twix bar. Then I ate the roll, and got on the train. I didn't really do much on the train. But all I can say is that I was wrecked tired. And I kind of felt sick from all the sugar I had that day!

But then we got out got off the train and went home. And guess what- I fell fast asleep! And the next day, I had a blister on my toe. It was really sore. That Sunday we went to a pharmacy to get a plaster for it. So that was good! Anyway, I had a magnificent day! :)



Parish Journal Stories!

We wrote and typed short stories for the Parish Journal Short Story Competition. The short stories we produced are fantastic. If you would like to read them, please click here .


Class Novel and Film:

As part of the 6th Class History curriculum, we have studied WWII. We read the heart-wrenching novel ‘The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas’ together in class and completed lots of activities based on the book.

St. Valentine’s Day

We celebrated St. Valentine’s Day by weaving paper and making cards to give to someone that we love.



Have a look at us acting out some drama improvisations and mimes. It was great fun. Broadway here we come!


6th Class Bank

Well done to our two bankers, Jessica and Ellie, who continue to do a great job managing the 6th Class Bank for our upcoming Educational Trip to Dublin. We can’t wait!

Active Week

Well done to all on a fantastic Active Week here in school. It was great to see everybody making an effort to get out and get moving, despite the bad weather! There were lots of games and activities on during the week including Hula-hoop relays, parachute games, ‘Drop Everything and Boogie’ dancing and outdoor obstacle courses. 6th Class did a superb job all week helping with equipment and demonstrating various activities for younger classes. We also tried to run as many laps of the court as we could daily. We measured the perimeter of the court and we calculated that as a school we collectively ran over 7km!

Committee Updates:

6th Class made suggestion boxes for each committee so that children from younger classes could make suggestions for each committee to discuss. They were left in the foyer.

St. Brigid’s Day

We celebrated St. Brigid’s Day on February 1st. We made St. Brigid’s crosses woven from rushes. They were tricky to master at first, but some people even managed to make three arm crosses! We brought them home to place them above our doors to protect our homes.

image0 (2).jpeg

Committee Updates:

6th Class made suggestion boxes for each committee so that children from younger classes could make suggestions for each committee to discuss. They were left in the foyer.


2022 is off to a flying start in Rang a Sé.

Hurling with Nigel and John.

Over the past number of weeks, we have been enjoying learning hurling skills, playing Olympic Handball and practising our Fundamental Movement Skills.Thanks Nigel and John!


WW2 Projects.

We were very interested in our history topic of WW2 this month. We particularly enjoyed our virtual tour of Anne Frank’s secret annex. Well done to the four groups who researched, compiled and presented wonderful projects on WW2. It was our first time working co-operatively in groups for project work and everyone did a fantastic job. We practised our presenting skills and presented the projects to Ms. McCarthy. Take a look at the finished projects, we think they’re fantastic!



Grandparent’s Day

As part of Catholic Schools week, we celebrated Grandparent’s Day. We made beautiful cards, pictures and poems for our grandparents/parents.


Well done to Laura and her teammates Max, Scott and Lucy who competed and represented our school so well in this month's interschools competition. We are very proud of you!



December was another busy month in rang a Sé, the highlight of which was our Christmas performance. We sang a lovely rendition of ‘Oíche Chiúin’ and we composed a song to the tune of ‘Snow is Falling’. We performed our song for our Italian visitors. Take a look at the photo below to see us wishing our visitors ‘Arrivederci’ as they left Ballymitty N.S.

IMG_5712 (1).JPG

Crafty in December

We made decorative paper snowflakes for our classroom, and we handmade Christmas cards for our Secret Santas. We created a design and further developed our printing skills by making our own printing stamp. We made these stamps out of cardboard and other materials. We rolled or dipped our stamps onto ink and printed them onto cards to give to our friends.


The Egyptians

We enjoyed learning about the Egyptians in history. We learned about Egypt as a country, famous Pharaohs, cursed tombs, mummification and the importance of the River Nile to the Ancient Egyptian Civilisation. We enjoyed writing our names and some phrases in Hieroglyphics, decorating sarcophaguses for mummies and creating Egyptian jewellery using pasta shells. Take a look below.

image0 (1).jpeg

Science: Sound as a pound!

We learned about sound in December. We investigated the Decibel level of some common noise sources. A jet taking off can burst your ear drums (150 dB)! We tested sound vibrations by an experiment using tissue and a speaker. In groups, we made our own Xylophones using jars, water and food colouring and we created simple tunes by striking the jar with an instrument to create sounds vibrations/waves. Individually we designed and made instruments at home and decorated them.


Wellness Webinar:

We completed a Wellness Seminar in class, ran by Wexford Education Centre. We learned about the importance of positive thinking and looking at ‘the glass half full’. We also learned about ways to pick ourselves up if we ever feel out of sorts, for example by doing things we enjoy like reading, playing sports and listening to our favourite songs. We made ‘Wellness Resolutions’ for 2022 and wrote them into our journals.

Real Life Maths!


Composing and performing four bar rhythms:


Christmas Fashion Show

Well done to Katie for winning the 6th class prize in the Christmas Junk Kouture Fashion show, judged by Erica, Ms. Casey and Mel. Well done also to Jess and Laura on their lovely creations!


A visit from Santa to Ballymitty!

IMG_5714 (1).JPG


Our student committees are in full swing. The members of our Green School Committee, Active School Committee, Student Council and European Development Team met again this month and discussed a variety of matters relating to our school. Watch this space!

Active lines are back up and running and the Active School Committee, along with help from members of our class, are doing a fantastic job helping the younger children to keep fit and active. Well done everyone!

Take a look at some of our partner balances we created as part of Gymnastics this month.


Science Week

We had a fantastic week celebrating Science Week. We put our ICT skills to the test by researching how Antarctic animals survive in harsh conditions and creating ‘memes’ to present to the class. We completed fun Maths challenges in groups using ‘Izac9’ cubes. We programmed BeeBots to complete obstacle courses and we even set a trap or two for them using a ruler and some empty boxes! We investigated electrical circuits and managed to light lightbulbs. The highlight of the week, however, was definitely our trip to the Danone factory. Take a look at the blog post about our trip to see what we got up to. A special thanks to Mr. Rose for our lovely Science Week presents!





For P.E. in October, we practised our Athletic skills. We put our reactions to the test playing games such as ‘Snatch The Bacon’. We worked on the fundamental movement skill of skipping and we jumped for the stars when we practised our long jump. We completed team relay races and we perfected the technique of passing of the baton! Take a look at our action shots.

IMG_4380.JPGIMG_4378 (1).JPG

IMG_4710.JPGIMG_4746 (1).JPG

Well done to everyone for preparing and presenting their fantastic projects so well. The children researched an African country and presented their findings to the class. Take a look at the finished products, we think they’re fantastic.


Hallowe’en Prize Giving

Comhghairdeas to Ellie, Scott, Muireann, Ellie and Laura for winning prizes at the end of term prize giving. Keep up the great work. Well done also to Laura and her pony Star for representing our school this month in equestrian and for performing so well on the day. We are very proud of you all!


We kicked off our mid-term break in style with a Hallowe’en parade on the basketball court!



September has been a very busy month in Rang a Sé. Here is a snippet of some of the things we have been getting up to.

Confirmation Day:


On Saturday 25th September the children celebrated their Sacrament of Confirmation. It was a wonderful day and a big well done to all for their contributions on the day.

Election Day:



Congratulations to our newly elected committee members:

Katie O’Sullivan and Harry O’Sullivan – Active Schools Committee

Muireann Barry and Scott Wickham - European Development Team

Amillia Shepard and Abbey Nacey – Green School Committee

Ellie Jefferson and Jessica Doyle – Student Council

A big well done to every child for presenting their manifesto. A huge effort was made by all and I have no doubt many faces from Rang a Sé will be seen on election posters around Wexford in years to come!!!

Friendship Week:

Last week we celebrated Friendship Week. We explored ways to be a good friend. We enjoyed playing lots of friendship and teamwork games outside and during circle time, like ‘Mime a Lie’, ‘Countdown’ and ‘Red Light, Green Light’. We made posters and slogans to celebrate Friendship Week. Our favourite part of Friendship Week, however, was spending time with our buddies outside. We read our buddies stories, played games and made them beautiful friendship bracelets. Our buddies made us fantastic ‘Thank You’ cards. We love them!

Well done to Eve Hutchinson for winning the Art Competition and winning a 5 euro voucher for Wallace's 😊



Up Wexford!


Take a look at the banner we made in support of the Wexford Ladies Football and Camogie teams in their respective All-Ireland Finals. You go girls!




For P.E. in September, we have been putting the Fundamental Movement Skill of 'dodging' to the test during games such as dodgeball, basketball, football, line ball, rounders, endzone and bench ball. We enjoyed practising our ball skills and playing mini-games. For Science we learned about wind energy and made our own wind turbines. It was a breeze!!

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