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Junior Infants


Active Schools Week

Last week was ASW. Each day we took part in different activities.

Monday: Skipping and Hoola-hooping


Tuesday: Swing Ball and Velcro Ball


Wednesday: Circuits

AW 3.jpgAW2.jpg

Unfortunatley Ms. Butler didn't have the chance to take any pictures for our Sports Day but we had a great day.

Buddy Reading

Buddies 1.jpgBuddies 2.jpgBuddies.jpg

We enjoyed sitting outside. enjoying the sun and some reading with our Buddies.

Happy Easter

Congratulations to Ryder, Sam, M.J., Ava, Mollie and Will on their awards this term. (Unfortunatley not everyone was present today so Ava, Mollie and Will will receive their prize after the Easter holidays).


Easter Egg Hunt

hunt 1.jpghunt 2.jpg

Easter Art

Art 1.jpgArt 2.jpg

Easter Yoga


I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and I look forward to seeing everyone again in Term 3. 😀


Happy Birthday Will, Hugo & Noah


Educational Trip


On Wednesday 23rd March Junior and Senior Infants went on their Educational Trip. We had an amazing day with lots of learning and fun and we were very lucky with a sunny day.

First we went to the fire station. We met some firemen who let us try on their helmet. Some of us even got to try on some firefighter gear. They showed us various equipment they use also.


They we got to climb into and sit in a fire engine and learned how to turn on and off the firefighter hose.


Noah and Ava were chosen by the fireman to sit in the front of the fire engine and turn on the siren.


Next it was time to visit the library. First, Thomas read us some very funny stories downstairs. Then we got to go upstairs and choose some children's books to read.

thumbnail_image0 (1).jpg3.jpg


Lastly, we had a picnic in Min Ryan Park and enjoyed fun in the sun with our friends. We already can't wait for our School Tour.

thumbnail_image1 (1).jpg5.jpg

World Book Day

This month we also got to celebrate World Book Day. The boys and girls in Junior Infants made a huge effort. Well Done to Sam for winning the overall prize.

WBD 2.jpegWBD.jpg


This month we learned all about sunflowers.

The different parts of a sunflower, what you need to plant a sunflower and we even got to sow our very own sunflower seeds. We can wait to see them turn into sunflowers.




The Fire Station

Station 1: Role Play

We dressed up as firefighters and pretended we were working in a fire station.


Station 2: Water Play

We created buildings using blocks. Ms. Butler then pretended to set them on fire using red and yellow paint. We used our pretend hoses to squirt out the fire.

Water 2.jpgWater 3.jpgWater.jpg

Station 3: Construction

We build our own fire station with the equipment room, canteen, bedroom and garage for the fire engines.

Construction 2.jpgConstruction.jpg

Station 4: Cut and Stick

We cut out various gear and equipment that a firefighters would need and stuck it on our firefighter.

Cut & Stick.jpgc & S.jpg

Station 5: Art

We used a straw to blow red, orange and yellow paint on a sheet of paper to create a fire picture.

art 2.jpgart 3.jpgart.jpg


Happy Birthday Ava and M.J.



This month, we have continued to work on our numbers such as ordering numbers.

Maths Number.jpgMaths Number 2.jpg

We also learned about weight, heavy and light.

We learned all about a scales and compared the weight of many objects in our classroom such as a book, lunch box, a shoe etc.

Maths Weight.jpgMaths Weight 2.jpgMaths Weight 3.jpg


We continue to practice our phonics and tricky words daily through stations.

Phonics.jpgPhonics 2.jpgPhonics 3.jpg


Station 1

Role Play: We dresses up as vets and vet nurses and took care of our toy animals.

Role Play.jpgRole Play 2.jpgRole Play 3.jpg

Station 2

Water: We pretended to be animal groomers and used water, clothes and washing up liquid to wash animals.

Water.jpgWater 2.jpg

Station 3

Small World: We created our own vet clinic with a reception, x ray room and exam rooms.

Small World.jpg

Station 4

Construction: We created new homes for our toy animals such as hutches, kennels, stables etc.

Construction.jpgConstruction 2.jpg

Station 5

Art: We used a variety of materials to create a pet dog or cat.


Active School Week

This week was Active School Week. We took part in many activities such as Drop Everything and Be Active, Parachute games, hulahoops, skipping ropes and an obstacles course. We also did daily laps of the basketball court and as a school we are trying to see what distance we can run.

Active Week.jpgActive Week 2.jpg

Active Week 3.jpgActive Week 4.jpg


Happy New Year - 2022

Happy New Year.jpg


We are flying it with our Jolly Phonics. We have learned 25 of our sounds and 18 of our Tricky Words.

Well Done Boys and Girls😃

We have been practicing our blending through stations. We are beginning to discover that words have various sounds.

Phonic Stations 2.jpgPhonic Stations.jpg


We have continued learning all about numbers this month.

We practiced numbers 1, 2 and 3 but have also learned 4 & 5 through station teaching.

Maths counting.jpg

We are very good at writing our numbers and have been practicing them on whiteboards.

Writing Numbers.jpg


The Zoo

Station 1:
Role Play – We carried out different roles in a zoo such as a person who works in a ticket office, zoo keeper, customer etc.

We also pretended to be zoo animals.

Role Play.jpgRole Play 2.jpg

Station 2:

Construction – We have a lot of fun creating our own zoo.

We made different enclosures for the various types of animals.


Station 3:

Playdoh – We created our favourite zoo animals using playdough.


Station 4:

Cut and Stick – We created out own zoo maps using various pictures of zoo animals .

Cut and Stick.jpg

Station 5:

Art – We made enclosures for zoo animals.



We had a new SNA in our class for a few weeks and she taught us some soccer skills and we also played a few soccer matches. We learned about over head throws, dribbling the ball with the inside of our foot as well as many other skills.

PE.jpgPE 2.jpgPE 3.jpg

Art Gallery

Art 1.jpgArt 2.jpg


Our Elf

An elf came to visit us this month and he got up to a lot of mischief. We called him Santa's Little Helper.


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Joellen who had her birthday this month.



This month we have been learning all about numbers and counting. We have been counting from 0-10 and backwards from 10-0. We learned all about the numbers 1, 2 and 3 through station work.


1) Creating the numbers using playdoh.

2)Counting objects.

3) Writing the numbers on whiteboards.

4) Online counting games

Maths.jpgMaths 2.jpg


Santa's Workshop

Station 1:

Role Play - We dressed up as Santa, reindeer and elves and acted out the various roles in Santa's Workshop.

Role Play.jpgRole Play 2.jpgRole Play 3.jpg

Station 2:

Construction - We built Santa a new sleigh.


Station 3

Cut & Colour - We made Christmas decorations and practice or cutting, sticking and colouring skills

Aistear Colour.jpg

Station 4

Small World - We used Dulpo and Christmas characters to create Santa's Workshop.

Small World.jpg

Station 5

Writing: We wrote letters to Santa. We discussed putting our letters in an envelope, putting a stamp on it and putting the address on the front before posting it.

Letter Writing.jpg


We have been learning many skills in GAA.


Christmas Art

Elf Art.jpgReindeer.jpg


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Bailey, Ryder and Hannah who had birthdays this month.


Science Week

We really enjoyed our first Science Week.

We did 3 experiments during the week.

First we made a volcano which we loved seeing the lava go everywhere.

Second we made a running rainbow. We started with blue, yellow and red food dye in a cup of water. In between these cups we put an empty cup with tissue going from one cup to the other. The colours spread between the cups and created the colours orange, green and purple.

Finally we did the Skittle Experiment. We made the colours of the rainbow using skittles and Ms. Butler helped us to add boiling water.

Volcano.jpgRunning Rainbow.jpgSkittle.jpg

During this week we praticed coding using Beebots.

We had to use directions on the Beebot to get them from one place to another.

Beebots.jpgBeebots 2.jpgBeebots 3.jpg

Finally we created a circle and square using Izak 9 cubes.

Izak 9.jpgIzak 9 2.jpg


We are flying i with our phonics and Tricky Words. We have done 15 sounds and 8 Tricky Words so far this month.

Here you can see the boys and girls playing some games to practice.

Phonics.jpgTricky Words.jpg


In Maths this month we have been learning and more/less/the same.

Maths More or Less.jpg

We have also been learning about patterns. We made patterns with 2 and 3 colours.

We also deigned some necklaces will lovely patterns.

Patterns.jpgPatterns 2.jpg


Station 1: Role Play - We were working in our hospital as doctors and nurses.

We had to do x-rays, bandage our patients and lots of other things.

Role Play.jpgRole Play 2.jpgRole Play 3.jpg

Station 2: Construction - We build a new hospital for Wexford using Duplo and Large jenga blocks.


Station 3: Small World - We turned the doll's house into a hospital and made sure we had a reception, waiting room, kitchen, x-ray area and rooms for the patients.

Small World.jpg

Station 4: Playdoh - We made food for patients, ambulances, crutches, stethoscopes and many other things using our playdoh.


Station 5: Junk Art - Using large boxes we created out own ambulances.



We have been working on our jigsaw making skills this month.

Each day we try to make a jigsaw that has more pieces.

Jigsaw.jpgJigsaw 2.jpg


We started GAA last week. We really enjoyed learning new skills.


Art Gallery

Penguins.jpgWinter Clothes.jpgWinter Village.jpg

Happy Halloween

JigsawsHalloween 1.jpg

Thank you Faye for bringing in delicious spider cookies for us all to eat today.


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Bella-Rose, Sam and Zayad who had birthdays this month.

Happy Birthday.jpg

Halloween Aistear

Station 1: Role Play - We dressed up in costumes and made yucky potions for Ms. Butler to drink and turn into a spider, dinosaur, frog and other funny things.

Role Play 2.jpgRole Play 3.jpgRole Play.jpg

Station 2: Construction - We made haunted houses.


Station 3: Art - We made pumpkins using paper plates and orange crepe paper. We cut our our own stalk, eyes, nose and mouth to stick on them.


Station 4: Colouring - We coloured Halloween pictures.


Station 5: Potions - We made different coloured potions using water and food colouring. We also practiced using a pipette and pouring.


Art Gallery

Pumpkin Art.jpgSkeleton Art.jpg


We have had another busy month in Junior Infants. Our themes for this month are The Farm and Autumn.


This month we began Jolly Phonics. We are really enjoying learning our sounds especially the different songs.

Here we are sorting pictures into the different sounds.



We have been learning a lot about sorting this month. Sorting by colour, shape, size and we also sorted ourselves such as into our different hair colours, our favourite colour we even sorted our shoes. We have also been learning different words for big and small such as long and short, tall and short and wide and narrow. We made long and short snakes using playdough and links and tall and short towers using cubes.

Maths Sorting.jpgMaths longshort.jpgMaths Tallshort.jpg

Sorting our shoes

Shoe Sorting.jpg


This month we have been learning about Éadaí. We drew different forms of clothes on Téidí such as hata, bróga, t-léine etc.

We also acted out the story of An Tornapa Mór. We took turns being the feirmeoir, bean chéile, cailín, buachaill, madra, cat and luch.

Gaeilge Éadaí.jpgGaeilge Scéal.jpg


We went on a Autumn Walk to look for signs of autumn. We found various coloured leaves such as red, orange, yellow and brown however, we also found some evergreen trees. We used to leaves we collected to create hedgehogs and we also painted Autumn Trees using autumn colours.

Autumn Trail.jpgAutumn Trees.jpg


This month our theme is The Farm.

Station 1: Children acted our scenarios in a farm shop such as selling and buying vegetables, meat, eggs etc.

They also pretended to sow vegetables and seeds in the sand pit.

Role Play.jpg

Station 2: Children made various farm animals and vegetables using playdough.


Station 3: Children made various jigsaws of tractors and farm animals. They worked together in groups to create the large tractor jigsaw.


Station 4: Children using large blocks, duplo blocks and farm animals to create their own farms.


Station 5: Children used paper plates, coloured card and buttons to create scarecrows.



We have had a great first month in Junior Infants.

Here are some things we have been up to this month.

Fine Motor

We have been really focusing on our fine motor skills this month to prepare us for our pencil control activities. we have being moving pom poms with tweezers, threading beads onto a string, putting pegs into a peg board and a lot more activities.



Our first Aistear theme was 'The Home'.

We carried out scenarios in the home in the Role Play Station.

We built homes at the Construction Station.

We made food using playdough in the Playdough Station.

We made houses in the Art Station.

We played with the houses and small world figures in the Small World Station


Art Gallery

thumbnail_image1 (1).jpg

Friendship Week

It was friendship week this week. We read a story called 'The Rainbow Fish' and made our own rainbow fish.

thumbnail_image0 (1).jpg

We had Buddy Reading outside with our buddies.


On Friday we gave our buddies thanks you cards to thank them for everything they have done for us over the last month. They also gave us friendship bracelets today.

thumbnail_image0 (2).jpg


Literacy: - We have been learning all about rhyming words before we begin phonics next week.

Numeracy: We have been practicing sorting and matching various objects.

Gaeilge: We have been learning about Mé Féin and Bia.

P.E.: We have been learning different aspects of throwing and catching.

Our First Day of School

First Day.jpg

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