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Ms Franey's Bright Bubbles - Welcome to our Class Blog

Ms Franey's Bright Bubbles - Welcome to our Class Blog


Happy Birthday Harry.jpg

All is quiet this month for birthdays.....the number balloon bunny can take a break....



This is our Christmas Countdown Calendar.

Beginning from tomorrow, Tues Dec 1st, a numbered cup will be unveiled!! What nice things will be inside!!!!!


Did you hear about all the excitement in our classroom this morning..............

Junior & Senior Infants Boys & Girls are UNDER ELF SURVEILLANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our classroom elf, Mischief arrived last night. He has still one day to go from a total of 13 days in Quarantine. Santa sent us a letter to explain a few changes this Christmas. We are sure that he can't wait to escape his glass jar. We are so excited to see WHERE he will be tomorrow & WHAT mischief he got up to overnight!!!

Mischief has arrived.jpg

Aistear theme this month - Santa's workshop & The Post Office

Station 1 - Roleplay 1 - Santa's very busy workshop. Elves are designing new toys, they are using their tools to check the quality of each toy, making sure that anything that should move, squeak, talk or walk can do so. They also have to design a sleigh to fit some of the toys into & make sure Santa has enough space for everything.

Station 2 is Roleplay 2 - The Post Office. At this time of year, the Post Office workers are run off their feet. Parcels to weight & label depending on weight, cards to be sorted into national & international routes, Santa letters to get posted, stamps to sells. The list is endless....

Station 3 is Art design. Santa is fed up with always wearing red & white. The children has to give Santa a make-over & design a new, more colourful suit. It will be great for Santa to wear during his down time in January!!!!

Station 4 is Construction & Small world - desigining & building Santa's workshop & filling it with busy elfs on conveyor belts assembling toys.

Station 5 is the Writing Station. Christmas is always a great time to get that letter written to Santa or to design your very own Christmas cards.....why not draw a picture for Santa or any special person in your life to bring some festive cheer.

Station 6 is threading & playdoh.....practicing our fine motor skills with some Christmas themed pictures to thread. Funtastic Christmas themed playdoh mats to finish off.....lets put some decorations on the tree, cookies on the plate for Santa, toys in his sack.

Amazing excitement & creativity flowing today during Aistear. Check out the pics

Christmas 1.jpgChristmas 2.jpgChristmas 3.jpg

More excitement & amazing creativity............The Bright Bubbles are bursting with ideas!!!

Christmas 4.jpgChristmas 5.jpgChristmas 6.jpg

Mischief, our classroom elf, has certainly been up to lots of tricks this week.

take a peep below.................


We were so excited this week painting our class Christmas Tree Pallet. Everyone got a chance to paint. Ms. Franey painted the colourful baubles & star. Even Mischief lent us a hand. He put glitter on our star & created the tinsel!!!! What a clever guy he is!!!

But like all of Santa's elves, he is fond of leaving a mess behind!!!!!wink

Another fantastic week of fabulous creativity & ingenuity in all the Aistear Stations........

.Aistear 10.jpgAistear 8.jpgAistear 9.jpg

This month we have been focusing on improving & perfecting the fundamental movement skill of skipping


This week we really enjoyed going on our Santa walk - around the school carpark, across the road to see our fabulous Christmas Pallets, through the church carpark, over by playschool to take a look at Helen & Julie's crib & back down the road again. What a lovely ventilation break!!!

Santa walk.jpg

We finished up our Aistear theme at Santa's workshop...we really loved it!!!

Aistear 2.jpgAistear 3.jpg

We have been singing our little hearts out & practicing some Christmas themed songs & poems for the last 3 weeks in preparation for our virtual Christmas performance for our families.

We hope you like it ...........we know that we are super cute!!!!!!!!!

Please click here to hear us.

As our busy month comes to an end, we must say a huge

Well done & Congratulations

to all our friends who received certificates & selection boxes at our Christmas prize-giving.

Please click here for some hilarious moments!!!



Happy Birthday Harry.jpg

A very busy month of birthday celebrations in November

Sadhbh & Saoirse - November 4th

Lochlan - November 13th

Lorcan - November 18th

Alannah - November 23rd

Darragh - November 28th


Aistear theme this month - The toy hospital

Station 1 - Roleplay - at the toy hospital. Once we put on our nurse/ doctor/ surgeon dress up, we are ready to tackle any medical emergency that arises. Using our doctor/ first aid kits, we have plenty of instruments, equipment & bandages to get to work. Using our clipboards we keep track of all our patients. Sometimes we need to administer injections, vaccinations, tablets or medicine. We have a great bedside manner!!

Station 2 is Junk Art - designing our own x-ray prints of our hands

Station 3 is taking a look at what is inside a doctors bag. Practicing our colouring, cutting & glueing skills to make sure our doctor bags are well supplied.

Station 4 is Small World...designing & building a hospital. We build the overall layout, the wards, the operating theatre, the emergency department, the maternity ward, the children's ward, the hospital shop, the canteen, the carpark, the helicopter pad & even designing emergency vehicles.

Station 5 is the Playdoh station - using playdoh to finish hospital themed pictures & making our own stethescopes & other equipment, medicines & people.

Station 6 is a threading station. Improving our fine motor skills, we are threading laces through hospital themed pictures. Once we do this, it's on to some colour by number hospital themed pictures

So far, we are really enjoying this theme. Check out the pics below from Week 1

Aistear - Hospital 1.jpgAistear hospital 2.jpgAistear hospital 3.jpg

In Art we successfully put Humpty Dumpty back together again!!!

In fact Humpty Dumpty GOT PLASTERED!!!!!!!!

With his snazzy plasters he is well on trend!!!

Humpty Dumpty JI.jpgHumpty Dumpty SI.jpg

Humpty Dumpty class.jpg

We also learned about how Humpty discovered how NOT TO GET injured repeatedly..........He became a hard boiled egg of course!!!!!!!

In SPHE we learned all about what can go ON our bodies & what can go IN our bodies.

Thank you to Fionnuala for being our body model for our classroom display!!

The children came up wit the most fantastic answers. As you can imagine, plenty of laughs & secrets were spilled when we spoke about tattoos!!!!

SPHE Body.jpg

In Maths we have been comparing our heights with each other.

In P.E, we began learning how to skip properly

We loved reading about Zog & the flying doctor crew........Ms. Franey even wore her Zog hat.............we loved that!!!!



We had an EXPLOSIVE & FUNTASTIC time during SCIENCE WEEK 2020!!!!!

On Monday we began by wondering what effect vinegar would have on an egg. We left an egg in a glass of vinegar for 3 days. We could see changes happening every day. When we took it out, we discovered that the vinegar had broken down the egg shell. A new membrane had grown around the egg & we could give it a 'gentle' bounce!!!! Mine you...we also discovered how SMELLY VINEGAR is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wink

Ms. Franey also showed us a magic science trick involving a sandwich bag, water & sharp pencils!!!. We filled up the bag with water & carefully pushed the sharp pencils through the bag from one side to the other without losing a drop of water!! We discovered the science behind the magic.....the pencils plugged the holes!!!

Science week 1.jpg

On Tuesday we used skittles to create a rainbow. Like all good scientists, we had to repeat this experiement as it didn't work very well the 1st time. We realised that we needed to use very hot water on our skittles to get a really clear effect. But we learned a valuable lesson...........


We learned how to grow a rainbow & the science behind why it grew, using kitchen paper, markers & water. We also used water, food colouring & celery to show us how water travels around a plant.

Science week 2.jpgScience week 3.jpg

On Wednesday we watched some very simple experiments which some of us tried out at home.

Click here to follow the link

We also watched Dr Matt perform some fantastic magic tricks.........we were AMAZED!!!!!!!!!!

On Thursday we did the most funtastic & explosive science lesson.........we created a VOLCANO!!!! Can you believe it!!!!

We used more smelly vinegar, some food colouring & a good helping of bread soda to create a CHEMICAL REACTION!!!!

It all happened so fast!!!! Luckily Ms. Franey had plenty of ingredients to recreate. We loved making orange, blue & even green lava!!!!!

Science week 4.jpg

On Friday we created a LAVA LAMP!! We loved watching all the colourful bubbles floating up & down through the oil. Next time we think it would be best to create lots of lava lamps of only one colour!! We used water, oil, alka seltzer & food colouring.

Science week 5.jpgLava-Lamp-Experiment-for-Kids-2.jpg

We all might be SCIENTISTS when we grow up!!!!

In Literacy, we learned how to send an email. We sent an email to 2 of our friends who were out of school & we also sent one to Ms. McCarthy. Ms. McCarthy was so impressed with us!!!! She invited 2 RASCALS to come to her office on Friday to ring for chocolate!!!!!!!!

We loved reading all about Baby Brains this week. He is so clever! He wants to be a doctor when he grew up.


Here are afew pics from Aistear this week...........

Aistear 3.jpgAistear 4.jpgAistear 6.jpg

Dr Dylan inspired use to create our very own stethoscopes. 166500-ml-1412025.jpg

The children created some beautiful designs ranging from the 7 colours of the rainbow to purple & gold Wexford stethoscopes....laughinglaughinglaughing


Having learned lots about the season of Winter, we began to wonder what it would be like to have snow......

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!!!!!!!!!

Let it snow 1.jpgLet it snow 2.jpg

In Art, we learned how to draw a penguin. We met Matt from Art Hub & he brought us step by step through the process of how to draw a Christmas penguin. The results were amazing!!! Everyone got the same instructions but each creation was individual & unique. Ms. Franey was super impressed with us....

check out our creations for yourselves...




Happy Birthday Harry.jpg

October Birthdays.......

Fionnuala - October 11th

Rory - October 11th also


We began our month by getting our spring daffodil bulbs into the soil. Each child has planted their own bulb which will pop up next Spring. All during the Winter, when the world of nature is taking a rest, this little bulb will be busy growing & developing under the soil.

We can't wait to see these beautiful flowers next year!!!!

Daffodil bulb planting.jpg

We absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our Thursday morning 30min, non-stop fun Stretch & Grow sessions with Nicola.

Do we LOVE a long slug of water from our bottles afterwards!!!!! YYYEEEESSSSSS!!!!!

Stretch & Grow.jpg

We began our 2nd Aistear theme - The farm shop

Station 1 - Roleplay - the farm shop. Our farm shop is a busy place. There is so much fresh fruit & vegetables on offer to buy. You can go pumpkin picking in the nearby field. We offer very competitive prices!!!! SHOP LOCAL!!!

Station 2 is Junk Art. This time we are using pieces of fabric & fibre to collage our scarecrows clothes. Our scarecrow's need so snazzy new dungarees & hats to attend their friends wedding. Betty O'Barley & Harry O'Hay are having an outdoor celebration with all their friends - no Covid restrictions luckily!!!

Station 3 is the Games with Rules station. In pairs or groups, the children are learning to play games such as Shopping List & Old McDonald's Farm Lotto, along with farm themed picture card Snap!

Station 4 is Small World. Ms. Doyle has kindly donated the most amazing farm equipment & buildings to us for this theme. Children are exploring the milking parlour, the farm sheds, bales of straw, tractors, combine harvester together with a huge selection of farm animals.

Station 5 is developing our fine motor skills using themed jigsaws. We have a large selection of animal themed jigsaws with varying amounts of pieces which the children can make individually, with a partner or group.

Station 6 is a Number station. Children are enjoying feeding some animals with spoonfuls of much you feed depends on the number card you pick up, roll the dice & count the number of dots to know how many animals will go into the field.

So far, we are really enjoying this theme. Check out the pics below from Week 1

...Collage 2020-10-10 22_20_28.jpg9781407170749.jpg

This week we also celebrated FRIENDSHIPWEEK!!!!!

It took on a different format than usual but nonetheless we learned about what a friend is?, about how we can be a good friend, about what might happen if we have a falling out, about how different we all are & that WE DONT have to like everything our friend likes or play the same games. We spoke about being a good friend to EVERYONE in our class.

We learned a friendship song called The more we get together, the happier we'll be. We read a story called What friends are for about Figgy Twosocks & Jefferson Bear. We took part in a whole school colouring competition.

In our class the winners were Molly McCarthy in Junior Infants & Saoirse Hannon in Senior Infants. CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS!!!!!laughingdownload.jpg

I am so impressed with the huge improvements in the quality of colouring in the class as a whole that I have picked two other winners....

The MOST IMPROVED colouring award in Junior Infants goes to Darragh Stafford &

The MOST IMPROVED colouring award in Senior Infants goes to Tamara Williams O'Grady. SUPER WORK!!!!

We ended our Friendship week with a whole school Zoom Assembly.

Each class was introduced to the school by Ms. McCarthy.

In this class of Bright Bubbles we sang our friendship song & announced the competition winners. We really enjoyed trying to spot our siblings/ cousins or friends in the other classes & waving to them on screen.

Collage 2020-10-10 22_21_49.jpg

Some spooky friends have paid our class a visit for the next couple of weeks.............I promise you all they are very friendly spooky friends & always pop by to say helloooooooooooooooooo to us every year!!!!

Collage 2020-10-10 22_26_46.jpg

Baking white sode bread

This week we made delicious home-made white soda bread. Inspired by all the work the farmer does in Autumn time, we decided to use 4 simple ingredients to make our own tasty soda bread. We baked it in our classroom in the portable oven before little lunch & when we came back inside again , the smell was divine. It wafted right throughout the school. Lots of noses were twitching wondering what the gorgeous smell was. We let it cool down & tasted it before we went home. Some of us just wanted bread & butter, some of us wanted bread, butter & jam. Others just wanted jam & some didn't want anything on it at all. Everyone was happy & there wasn't even a crumb left. We ate the whole loaf!!!

We also did some writing based on what we did. This month we have been learning about Recount writing. We were able to write & draw (a simple form of writing!!) all about what we did First, Next, Then & Last!!!

baking bread (1).jpgbaking bread (2).jpgrecount work.jpg

We were busy learning how to use watercolour paints & made FUNtastic spooky monster faces & spider webs.

We were inspired when we read the story of Spinderella by Julia Donaldson.

9781405296892.jpgHalloween Art.jpg

We loved our Aistear theme On the farm & did lots of activities based on the farm. Take a look at some more Aistear group learning....

Aistear the farm.jpg

This past week we have been un-BOO-lievably busy doing lots of Halloween based learning....we learned The Little Spider rhyme & the counting rhyme called 5 Little Witches. We read books about Winnie the Witch & her big black cat Wilbur. We drew our own witches. We BOOgied & danced to The Skeleton Dance, did some Monster moves & pretended to be Ghostbusters!!!!

We loved Dressing Up for our Outdoor Halloween Parade.

See if you can recognise us...............Be prepared to be DEVILlishly impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Halloween JI.jpgHalloween SI.jpgFancy Dress Parade.jpg




to our busy classroom learning hub!!!

Junior & Senior Infant boys & girls have settled into the school routine incredibly well.

We are a class of 28 children. In Junior Infants we are a group of 19 - 10 boys & 9 girls, in Senior Infants we are a group of 9 - 5 boys & 4 girls.

Miss Edyta & Miss Geraldine are also important members of our classroom.

We have been working as busy as little beavers everyday since we started back.

Here are a few pictures to show you all just what we have been up to.............................

Collage 2020-09-06 16_01_25.jpg

Collage 2020-09-06 16_12_53.jpg

Collage 2020-09-06 16_25_21.jpg

In Junior Infants, we are doing lots of fine motor activities to develop & strengthen our hand, wrist & finger strength in preparation for using our pencils & twistables. We have been listening to lots of stories & songs, perfecting the actions which go with them, (click herefor Herman the worm!!!), listening to & recognising everyday sounds. We have gotten creative with playdoh & small world & construction toys.

In Senior Infants, we have been sequencing stories, practicing & improving our scissors skills daily, reminding ourselves of how to do all our cursive writing letters, revising our jolly phonics sounds & digraphs, revising our Tricky words, using our sounds to spell words ourselves & writing sentences in our copies. We have been revising our numbers & counting skills to 10 with the Junior Infants but also taking the next leap forward & counting to 20.

On Thursday we had our first yoga class with Tina & loved it!!!!!

Collage 2020-09-06 16_16_09.jpg

Each month we will have lots of Birthdays to celebrate

Happy Birthday Harry.jpg

September Birthdays.......

Riley - Sept 18th

Freya - Sept 26th

Bryan - Sept 28th

We also have our 1st piece of work up on our noticeboard in the corridor.................

We know you will agree ................


Collage 2020-09-06 16_08_39.jpg


This week we began Aistear in our classroom. This involves themed learning through play. Our theme is myself & my family so we had 6 stations to reflect this & to use the vocabulary we brainstormed about this topic.

Station 1 - Roleplay - the family kitchen, This involves preparing meals, setting the table, cleaning up, getting set up for a family party, i.e a birthday...wherever your imagination takes you.

Station 2 is Junk Art. Using a range of art materials, the children designed & created their own tasty pizza. They looked good enough to eat!!!

Station 3 is the Writing/ Drawing station. Using a variety of stationery (pencils, twistables, markets, whiteboards, drawing pads, colouring sheets, drawing sheets) the children draw/colour/ create their own images of family/home/ myself

Station 4 is Construction. Using a large choice of building materials (large jenga block/ large construction segments / Duplo blocks), the children build a home/house structure as a team, with rooms/ furniture in whatever form they wish.

Station 5 is Small World. There is no limit on imagination here as children use a huge selection of small world toys & the doll house with it's furniture to play 'House'

Station 6 is Playdoh. Hugely important to develop fine motor skills & build up hand & finger strength, children create all kinds of objects, scenes using playdoh.

The whole class has been divided up into 6 groups. They will rota around the 6 stations over the next 3 weeks.

Here are some pics of the first 2 sessions we have enjoyed....

Aistear Family 1.jpgAistear Family 2.jpgAistear family 3.jpg

Ger Hore from the People Newspaper paid us a visit recently & this week we say our smiling faces peeping out of the newspaper......People Paper pics.jpg

Keeping an eye on those germs.............In JI we are GERMBUSTERS!!!!

Germs 2.jpgGerms 1.jpg

Aistear Myself & my family theme - Week 2 pics

Aistear 1.jpgAistear 2.jpgAistear 3.jpg

This week we read a fantastic story called CAVE BABY

He inspired us to try our own hands at CAVE PAINTING!!!!!

Look how they turned out!!! Ms. Franey is SOOO PROUD OF US!!!!!!!

Cave Painting.jpg

Aistear Week 3 pics

Sept Aistear 1.jpgSept Aistear 2.jpg

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