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Senior Infants and 1st Class

Senior Infants and 1st Class

Welcome to our Class blog

Sept 2021 - June 2022


September Birthdays

Riley - Sept 18th

Freya - 26th

Bryan - 28th

Geraldine (SNA) - 30th

What a busy month it has been!!!

We have been getting back into the swing of things & sharing all our happy memories of a funtastic Summer.

beginning of year displays.jpg

Look how much we have grown with the beautiful Summer sunshine!!!!!

Senior Infants 1 Sept 2021.jpgSenior Infants 2 Sept 2021.jpg1st class Sept 2021.jpg

We are very excited to be in a new classroom, with new furniture & looking forward to working through a new school year.


Our class motto is....

Mistakes are good as they help us to grown & learn more

Combining our class rules

class rules.jpg

We began by practising our cursive writing

remembering our letters.jpg

We all got to sign Archie's blue cast. We are always ready to give him a helping hand. Archie has even got his own 'Batmobile'!!

signing Archie's cast.jpg

We learned all about our names - our first names, middle names & surnames. We found out the reasons behind our names.

We really enjoyed listening to each others nicknames.....In our class we have Meatball, Donut, Hazelnut, Fifi, Keeki, Buddy, Bud,

Kay Kay, Izzy, Caoimh, Cath, Mara, Molls, Arch, Lochie, Saoirshie, Sadhbhie to name but afew. Can you guess who is who?

We learned how to draw self portraits.....can you recognise us? If you can't, you will have to go to Specsavers!!!! We are the spitting image of ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!😉😂

self portraits.jpg

We spoke all about how we travel to school & everything we see on the way.................can you believe it....


our journey to school.jpg

In Senior Infants Maths, we revised our number formation, did lots of counting forwards & backwards, counting to 20, learned about before, after & between numbers. We also looked at pattern...using colour, multilinks, bears, matchsticks & shapes.

pattern work SI.jpg

In Art, we were inspired by Kandinsky's circle designs & created our own unique & personal family trees. Take a look......

Collage 2021-10-08 08_49_27.jpgCollage 2021-10-08 08_50_13.jpg

Our Aistear theme is The School.

Station 1 - Role play - the school office is so busy, answering the phone & taking messages. There are worksheets to make & copy, certificates to print out, accident reports to fill in, the register to call, jobs for the caretaker. Never ending!

Station 2 - Junk art - using a selection of recycling material to design & make a children's playground -


Station 3 - Fine motor skills - careful cutting & pasting of healthy food into our school lunch box. Any unhealthy food was stuck to the back for weekend treat ideas.

Station 4 - Small world - using a selection of wooden blocks, lego & characters to create a school building, inside & out.

Station 5 - Play-doh - designing & creating all kinds of people, objects & items connected with school.

Station 6 - Creative station - designing a new school uniform to wear!!!

Here are some of the images captured of the children's fantastic work.

school aistear 1.jpgschool aistear 2.jpgschool aistear 3.jpg

school aistear 4.jpgschool aistear 5.jpg

During Friendship week, we played lots of co-operative games, listened to many stories about friendship, listened to & learned some songs about friendship & participated in a whole school friendship competition.

Congratulations to Tamara Williams O'Grady in 1st class & Ewan Kinsella in Senior Infantswho were the school's class competition winners. Congratulations also to Riley Murphy in 1st class & Caoimhe F in Senior Infants who were our In-Class winners.

Take a look at their beautiful work....

Collage 2021-10-08 08_58_26.jpgCollage 2021-10-08 08_57_58.jpg

First Class are now in school until 3pm so lots more learning has been happening once the Senior Infant pupils go home. We have been working on report writing. We read all about what school was like long ago!!! We were amazed at how things have changed & had to go home and ask our Grandparents to tell us stories of their school days!!!

Oct 22
School closes for Midterm Break
Nov 23
Parent/Teacher Meetings Day 1
Nov 25
Parent/Teacher Meetings Day 2
Dec 22
School closes for Christmas
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