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Senior Infants and 1st Class

Senior Infants and 1st Class

Welcome to our Class blog


June Birthdays

Caoimhe S - June 8th

Isabelle - June 17th

Hazel - June 30th

Our final Aistear theme is THE CAMP SITE

With all the fun activities through June, we had to reschedule!!!

In Roleplay we loved setting up the campsite, eating around the campfire, singing songs, going on hikes, sleeping in the tent, cleaning up & filling in our campsite feed back forms.

In the Creative station, we made some beautiful rockart drawings & we also enjoyed going on a mini beast hunt & finding & researching and drawing the bugs we found.

We set up our own reading tent!

At the Writing station we used our imaginations & sent postcards to loved ones from all around the world.

As always, we loved the Games station & enjoyed playing board games, pop up games & cards.

In Small World, we let our imagination run WILD and made some fantastic campsites....

Check out out photos here....

roleplay camping.jpg camping - rockart.jpg camping - reading station.jpg

camping - writing postcards.jpg camping - games.jpg small world camping.jpg

Our School Tour to PIRATE'S COVE IN GOREY!!!

On Wednesday June 15th, bright & early, we travelled by bus to Pirate's Cove in Gorey for one of the best days of our lives so far!!!!!

For most of us, this was our FIRST EVER END OF YEAR SCHOOL TOUR!!!!

We were beyond excited & the day lived up to & surpassed all our expectations.

It was GO!, GO!, GO! from start to finish.

We were divided up into 3 groups - Senior Infants, all of 1st class & 2nd class, each with a teacher & a leader of the day. We enjoyed CRAZY GOLF, BOWLING, THE FUN CAVE, GO-CARTS, BUMPER BOATS & ZORBING. We also got our lunch of chicken nuggets, sausages & chips. We ended the day with a delicious cool slushie & a bag of popcorn! The weather was amazing, the sun shone. We sang our hearts out on the bus on the journey up & down. Wonderful memories made.

oh!!!! and Alesha lost her tooth in the Fun Cave, luckily it didn't get lost!!!

Take a look at some of our photos...........

Quote of the day............'BEST DAY EVER'!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SI group pic.jpg1st class group pic 1.jpg1st class group pic 2.jpg

School tour 1.jpgschool tour 2.jpg

school tour 3.jpgschool tour 4.jpg

school tour 5.jpgschool tour 6.jpg

school tour 7.jpgschool tour 8.jpg

school tour 9.jpg

In Art, we did some Styrofoam printing & made our own plates to use in printing the design.

As the campsite was our theme, we used the world of nature for inspiration!

styrofoam printing.jpg

The month of June was really busy with visitors.

We had a talk with the boys from Kilmore Coast Guard Station.

We listened carefully & spoke with Alma about Farm Safety.

We had a visit from Thomas in Wexford County Library & he told us all about the Summer Stars reading programme

We LOVED taking part in & watching BALLYMITTY'S GOT TALENT, THE FINAL!!!

Huge Congratulations to our own Keelin McCarthy who won the 'good effort' award with her song Lovestory by Taylor Swift.

We ate all around us & spent lots of money at the Student Council Bake Sale. Yummy!!


We entered Art into the Bannow Rathangan Show!

First class entered the Community Games Handwriting Competition. We were all highly commended by the judging panel for our beautiful cursive writing. They were all very impressed with the high standard they saw. Hugh Congratulations to Sadhbh Hannon who won a 2nd place medal.

We wolfed down the delicious Ice-Cream treats from Justin Ice-Cream Man

We want to say a BIG THANK YOU TO THE PARENTS' AND FRIENDS GROUP for providing all the lovely treats we enjoyed with our teddy bear's at our 'Indoor' Teddy Bear's Picnic!!!!!!

Come meet our much loved & special friends....

teddy bear's picnic 2.jpg Teddy bear's picnic 1st.jpg teddy bears picnic 3.jpg

Finally, it is time for me to say Goodbye & Good Luck to this absolutely wonderful, funny, talented & extremely clever bunch of children.

It has been such a pleasure watching each and everyone of them grow & mature in so many ways over the past two years.

But alas!!! They are ready to spread their wings & 'fly' off to 1st & 2nd class.

heading to 1st class 1.jpg heading to 2nd class.jpg heading to 1st class 2.jpg

Wishing everyone a very Happy, Safe & Fun-filled Summer Break

Thank you all,




May Birthdays

Tamara - May 9th

Archie - May 18th

Patrick - May 19th

This month our Aistear theme is Space

Space is such a mesmerising topic, we LOVED it.

We read a picture book written by Commander Chris Hadfield called THe Darkest Dark, about his life growing up & how he had been afraid of the dark!!! He learned to overcome his fear & travel to & live in SPACE!! We visited the Internatonal Space Station for story time & also to learn about every day life & how astronauts do simple day-to-day tasks like brushing their teeth, sleeping, eating, washing & using the toilet!!


In Aistear, we were astonauts aboard the ISS in our Roleplay Station. We went on space & moon walks, we used telescopes, we recorded alien life, we examined moon rock, we inputed data. We were curious & wanted to find out more.

In Junk Art, we made aliens spaceships, rockets, planets, galaxies & aliens to name but afew.

In our Research Station, we read & listened to information about all aspects of Space - planets, dwarf planets, the Solar Sytem, the ISS, the asteroid belt, shooting many things

We also played some Space themed board & card games.

In Small World, we made fantastic creations....Mars Rovers, Lunar Rover, rockets, astronauts, the ISS.....amazing creativity..

Space - roleplay.jpgSpace - junkart.jpg

Space - reading & report writing.jpgSpace - games.jpg

In Music, we listened to & sang songs, about the planets of our Solar System

click here to hear one of our favourites - The Solar System Song.

We listened to Chris Hadfield singing the David Bowie song 'Space Oddity'

In Art, we used the theme of Space to explore our imaginations. We made our own Scratch Art pages to create fantastic pictures of Outer Space, we used chalk pastels to create Galaxies Far Far Away & we recreated our own ideas of the Moon Landing &imagined what we might find on the moon, using paper collage.

Space - Scratch art.jpgArt - a galaxy far far away.jpgArt - Moon paper collage.jpg

In SESE, we were fascinated to learn about the differencies between planets, facts about the Sun, the Moon & the Stars. We learned all about the 1st Moon Landing in 24th July 1969 by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin & Michael Collins. We listend to the actual audio of the landing!!!

All this information helped us to begin report writing on the Sun & the Moon.

We also planted some seeds using a class pack received from GYI (Grow your own) - The Big Grow in patrnership with Innocent Ireland.

Each child grew either salad leaves, radishes or peas in their own pot & watched it GROW. With lots of heat, sunshine & water, our tiny seedlings transformed into health plants.

GYI seeds.jpg

In Maths we were learning about length & width. We learned how to estimate (to make a sensible guess). We did lots of hands on measuring around the classroom, using cubes & lollipop sticks. We even measured ourselves!!!

In SPHE, we began our Stay Safe programme & spoke and shared experiences of feeling safe & unsafe, of what to do if we get lost & how to be a good friend always.

We also had the semi-final of Ballymitty's got Talent!!!

What a day of entertainment!!!! We were in for some treats....ranging from R.C car stunts!!!, playing pieces of music on the piano, telling jokes & singing solos!!!!!

Ballymitty is certainly BURSTING with TALENT!!

Final will be Fri JUne 17th!!!!! It will be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!



April Birthdays

Cathal - April 7th

Ewan - April 20th

This month our Aistear theme is The ZOO

Before our Easter holidays we did some creative homework - over 3 afternoons, we designed our very own Zoo habitiat.

Our brief - to include a watering hole/ food for the animals

- to ensure the animals had shelter

  • - to ensure the animas had an enclosure similar to their natural habitat.
  • The final results were ASTOUNDING!!!!!!!!!!
  • Absolutely amazing work carried out by everyone, making very impressive, varied & unique mini Zoo's...
  • We even named our Zoo....
  • take a look below....
    • Zoo habitat 1.jpgZoo habitat 2.jpgZoo habitiat 3.jpgZoo project 1.jpg
  • Zoo habitiat 7.jpgZoo habitiat 6.jpgZoo habitiat 5.jpg

InAistearwe had great fun at the Zoo, in our Roleplay Station, in the STEM station we had to follow the STEM cards & use junk art material to create new animal habitiats & viewing areas. At the Art Station we used paper plates to make animal masks. At the Writing & Reading Station we read some animals fiction & non fiction books. Then we used the info we read or listened to, to write simple animals reports. We really enjoyed making animals themed jigsaws in our groups. Some were quite tricky so we helped each other out. In Small world, we used lego, blocks & many other construction materials to make our own animals enclosures.

Zoo - role play.jpgZoo - small world.jpg

Zoo - STEM station.jpgZoo - Jigsaws.jpg

Zoo - Junk Art.jpgZoo - report writing.jpg

  • We linked Art & Music.
  • We learned a song from The Lion King movie & then recreated Simba in our art lesson using a variety of textures icluding paper, card, foam, wool & oil pastels.
  • I just can't wait to be King.jpg

We also did some Easter chicks

Easter chicks.jpg

We tried our hand at Pointillism (painting using tiny dots) & created a beautiful Spring Sunrise.

Sunrise pointillism.jpg

As Gaeilge, we followed Ms. Franey's instructions to make a Cárta Cáisce for our 'clann go léir' (our families)

In Literacy, we finished off our session of Literacy Lift Off & we have all moved along to new reading levels!!!! We also have been learning about how to write a report about something. As we are learning all about the Zoo & it's animals, we have been putting together some reports on animals.

We had our Easter Prize - Giving on Thursday April 7th

& lots of children received an awards.

Here are the proud recipients.....Senior Infants....

Easter prizegiving SI.jpg

and 1st class....

Easter prize-giving 1st class.jpg




March Birthdays

Jamie - March 18th

Caoimhe F - March 25th

We began March with a bang & a mouthful of chocolate!!! We had delicious pancakes in school to mark Pancake Tuesday March 1st, smothered in nutella & sugar!!! yummy!!!!!!!!

pancake tuesday.jpg

Next we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite book character's.......there were Disney Princesses, Marvel Super Heroes, a Hungry caterpillar, a pirate, Vampire fairies, Mr Bump, a duck, a wolf, a unicorn, the Mad Hatter, Hermoine & Lucky to name but afew. Some children also dressed up as 'themselves'!!! FABULOUS!!!!

World Book Day - SI (1).jpgWorld Book Day 1st class.jpgWorld Book Day - SI (2).jpg

Congratulations to our very own 'Clarke Kent' a.k.a Jamie Long who wooed the judges with his briefcase & glasses!!! & won

The Best Dressed Award in our classroom.

Jamie - WBD winner.jpg

In Art, we use our origami skills & made some beauitful corner bookmarks - some were monsters, some were bunnies, some were sharks!!

Corner book marks.jpg

In Aistear this month, our theme was The Garden Centre. We did lots of planting & learning about to look after plants/ flowers. We sowed grass to make grass heads & poppy like flowers. Everything is still growing well.

We had a role play Garden Centre station, a Planting Station, a Junk Art Station, a Research Station where we used a KWL approach. (We picked a Non-fiction book. We picked an animal. We wrote down what we knew, what we would like to find out & after reading, we wrote some new facts down we didn't know), a Sensory Station using sand & Smallworld. We LOVED IT!!!

Aistear - role play - garden centre.jpgAistear - planting 1.jpgAistear - planting 2.jpgAistear - junk art.jpg

Aistear - research station.jpgAistear - sand pit.jpgAistear - small world.jpg

Poor Archie hurt the same leg that he broke earlier on in the school year & was back in his boot!!!! But he is still smiling!!!!

Archie - break no. 2.jpg

We learned all about St. Patrick, we made some cute Leprechaun cards for our families, we listened to some Irish music. We watched how to dance the Walls of Limerick & later on in the afternoon joined the rest of the school for a 'little seisiún' on the basketball court to celebrate Seachtain naGaeilge.

St. Patrick's Day art.jpg

On Wednesday March 16th, the 1st class boys & girls joined the rest of 1st class & 2nd class on their Educational fieldtrip to Wexford town. They visited the Firestation in Clonard, Wexford County Library & of course Min Ryan Park to complete a day of fun.

Check out some of these photos to see lots of happy faces. Please check out the 1st & 2nd class blog to see more phots of their trip.

1st class fieldtrip pics (1).jpg1st class - firestation.jpg1st class fieldtrip.jpg

On Wednesday March 23rd, the Senior Infant boys & girls joined the Junior Infants on their Educational fieldtrip to Wexford town. They visited the Firestation in Clonard, Wexford County Library & of course Min Ryan Park to complete a day of fun.

Check out these pictures to see what fun they got up to!

I got emails from both the Firestation & the Libruary to compliment us on such wonderful behaviour & fantastic engagement & curiosity. Well done everyone! We are all very proud of you all!

Firestation pic 1.jpgFirestation pic 2.jpgFirestation pic 3.jpg

Firestation pic 4.jpgClass pic firestation.jpg

Library pic 1.jpgLibrabry pic 2.jpgMin Ryan Park.jpg

And we had a new secretary in Ballymitty N.S

Alannah was busy taking notes!!!



February Birthdays

Molly - Feb 17th

Keelin - Feb 17th

What a great month of fun we had in FEBRUARY & Spring is definitely in the air in our classroom.

The month began with welcoming the Chinese New Year - 2022 is the Year of the Tiger.

We learned all about Chinese New Year, we listened to the story about the Chinese Zodiac which told us the order in which the 12 animals chosen appeared. We saw beautiful images of dragons & festivals to celebrate Chinese New Year.

In Art we were inspired by the French artist Henri Rousseau to produce our own 'tiger in a tropical storm' picture using tissue paper & oil pastels.

chinese new year - year of the tiger.jpg

Our new Aistear theme was The Sports Shop, we loved learning more about our favourite sports personalities & hearing about new sports stars also.

Station 1 - Roleplay - the Sports Shop

We are selling sports clothing & equipment, we were doing stock takes, we were buying the latest sports gear. We were on hand to answer all kinds of questions about the new sports equipment.

Station 2 - STEM - floating & sinking.

Here we had a wide range of objects to test out. Firstly, we had to make a prediction & record our thoughts on what objects might sink or float. Next we had to test the objects out & get an answer. Then we had to reason why objects either floated or sank. One that really interested us was the orange. With it's skin on, it floated but once it was peeled it SANK!!!

Station 3 - the games station

Here we played with the mini football table, we took aim at the children's dart board & we tried our hand at Rings! The dart board was definitiely our favourite. Some children even managed to throw a bullseye!!!!! And there was great competition keeping our scores!

Station 4 - Writing Station

We wrote about our favourite sports stars - we knew some information about them but we did some research & found out more about them. Some famous names were Katie Taylor, Derval O'Rourke, Davy Fitz, Johnny Sexton, Ursula Jacob, Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron James & many more.

Station 5 - Playdoh station

We made famous sports people from playdoh & then drew & coloured our pictures.

Station 6 - Small world

Here we created & designed olympic swimming pools, new hurling & football pitches, soccer & rugby stadiums with dressing rooms, carparks, food stalls & tiered seating.

Take a look at all our hard work.......

roleplay - sports.jpgSTEM - foating & sinking.jpggames station.jpg

writing station - my favourite sports star.jpgplaydoh.jpgsport - small world.jpg

In Literacy, we have continued with narrative writing & the 1st class boys & girls have become authors. They wrote & designed their own books...........our classroom is bursting with authors & illustrators just in time for World Book Day in March!

1st class book creations.jpg

In Senior Infants Maths we learned all about time.

We were very surprised to learn that time is not just about the clock & hours & minutes.

Time is the days of the week, the months of the year, the seasons, the part of the day as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As Valentine's Day approached, we linked Art into our Aistear theme & made beautiful LOVE TROPHIES FOR OUR FAMILIES-

how CUTE are they!!!!!!!!!!!

Valentine's Day love trophies.jpg

We also learned alot about the Season of Spring and how the world of nature wakes back up again from it's winter sleep.

check out our fabulous paper rolled Spring flowers & our self directed traditional spring flowers using chalk pastels. Our classroom is awash with colour.

paper spring flowers.jpgchalk pastel creations.jpg

In SPHE, we did work on personal safety & looking after ourselves. We also learned the correct anatomical names for the private parts of our bodies.

We continued our ventilation breaks, P.E with Joe & Cosmic Yoga with Jamie. We love Cosmic Yoga.

Check us out here.............

comic yoga.jpg

And finally this month, we finished off by Welcoming a new pupil to our Senior Infant class.........

we say a really big WARM WELCOME TO REUBEN RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are really looking forward to getting to know Reuben & helping him to settle into our classroom.


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022!!!!!!


January Birthdays

Donnacha - Jan 23rd

Alesha - Jan 28th

Caylem - Jan 29th

We started off the year by catching up on all the fun we had over our Christmas holidays & heard all about the presents which Santa brought. This year, everyone emailed in a picture of their favourite Santa present & Ms. Franey made a slide show for us all to see the gifts & chat about them. But first we had to write our THANK YOU LETTERS TO SANTA

Collage 2022-01-29 22_47_46.jpg

We listened to a story called Squirrel's New Year Resolution which helped us to think of things we could start or work on during the year ahead.


1st class girls & boys put all their ideas together to make a class New Year Acrostic poem called Happy New Year

click here to read it.

In Aistear, our theme was The Estate Agents. We learned lots of information about buying & selling houses, types of houses, the stages of building a house. We investigated our own houses. We looked at what has been happening with the new building at school. We looked at amazing buildings around the world designed by the Austrian Artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. His style of architecture also inspired some of our art work.

In Aistear, the Estate Agents office was our role play area. We took phonecalls, spoke to clients, made brochures for new houses to the market, filled in information forms. It was a super busy place to work. We even sold some houses & apartments!!!

In the STEM station, we used a variety of material to construct a simple home for a little pig. One which the wolf could not blow down!!

In Junk Art, we used all kinds of recycling material to make a house. Some were tall, some small, some had gardens, some had chimneys, some had swimming pools. There were windows & doors of all shapes & sizes.

In the Writing station, we wrote about our dream bedrooms. Our chins almost hit the floor with some of the ideas - water slides, slushie machines, swimming pools, water beds!! Amazing creative writing.

In Small World, we had fun using lego to build all kinds of buildings.....farms, McDonalds, skyscrapers, apartments.............

In the Games Station, we played pair & team games. We loved Connect 4, Pop up Pirate, Pop the Pig & Snakes and Ladders.

Check out our photos to see all the fun learning we had.

Role play.jpgGames station.jpgSmall world.jpg

writing station 2.jpgWriting station.jpgJunk Art.jpgSTEM.jpg

In SENIOR INFANT Maths, we are using Numicon pieces to help us with our number stories. So far, we are experts on the story of 7 & 8.


In Literacy, we are working on our narrative writing. We have learned that every creative story needs characters (people/animals), a setting (where & when), a problem & a solution. Every story has to have a beginning, a middle & an end. We are working on character development at the moment. Using our story board & cards, our imaginations are running wild!!!!

character creation.jpg

In Music, we learned the house that Jack built, in Art we designed our own paper weaving bed covers. We designed houses & we inspired by Hundertwasser.

Paper weaving.jpgcardboard houses.jpg

In SPHE, we began The Relationship & Sexual Education programme. We began by looking at ourselves to see what we can do, we spoke about the things we are good at, the things we are not so good at & the things we would like to improve.

RSE - I can.jpg

We spoke about friends & made a class FREIND SHIP & this week we spoke about our families, how special they are & how different they are.

Our friend ship.jpg

This week we celebrated Catholic School Week. We put alot of effort into talking about & remembering our Grandparents. We learned a song about Grandparents, spoke about the things we love about them, drew pictures & made special gifts to take home to them.


We go for our movement breaks every day. Every Thursday, we clear our classroom, get into position & enjoy 30mins of P.E with Joe!! We especially love doing the fancy dress Friday ones!!

Joe 1.jpgJoe 2.jpgjoe 3.jpg

We also did some Winter Yoga with Jamie from Cosmic Yoga.

Cosmic yoga.jpg




December Birthdays

December is a quiet month for birthdays in our class!!

We would like to say............

Christmas greeting 1.jpg

Christmas greeting 2.jpg

Since December hit, we have been in full Christmas mode.

MISCHIEF, our elf came back to visit us. He is full of divilment!!! He made snow angels in our classroom, broke into our advent calendar & ate the chocolate, hid under the angel on the Christmas tree, hung over our heads, spent a night in the doll house, read all our Christmas stories, set up a toy vehicle race, had a chat with Mary & Joseph in the crib & lots lots more. We will miss you MISCHIEF!!


Our theme this month was Christmas.

In Roleplay, we set up the assembly line in Santa's workshop & became elves, checked the toys for faults & packed the sleigh. We also checked the naughty & nice lists. There were some surprising names to be see.....Ms.Franey was on the naughty list!!!!

In Junk Art, we made beautiful Christmas diorama's....fabulous creativity in a shoebox!

At the Writing Station, we wrote our letters to Santa. Next we addressed the letters to The North Pole, then we designed our own Christmas stamps & finally we posted them in the big green postbox.

At the Reading Station, we read some Christmas themed picture books, sometimes on our own, sometimes with our friend. Adfterwards we made some Christmas cards.

In Small World, we used the Lego building challenge cards. It was great fun using anything we had to create Santa's workshop, the sleigh, a Santa hat, a bed for Santa, a snowman, a candle, presents, a fireplace, a crib, a Christmas cracker, a postbox to name afew.

We used our creativity, drawing & cutting skills to decorate the doll house with home-made Christmas decorations. It looked fabulous!

Check out some of the pics below....

Santa's workshop.jpgDiorama creations.jpg

Letter to Santa.jpgreading & card making.jpg

lego creations 1.jpgdecorating the doll house.jpg

In Art we made some Snowmen advent countdown faces, we joined our friends in Arthub & learned how to draw Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, we used chalk pastels to create amazing snowglobes & drew ourselves to creat our class Christmas tree.

snowmen advent calendar.jpgclass Christmas tree.jpgRudolph 1.jpg

Rudolph 2.jpgSnow globe 1.jpgsnow globe 2.jpg

In Gaeilge, for part of our Christmas performance we learned Santa Claus is coming to town to the tune of Jingle Bells.

Nollaig Shona Daoibh

With Alannah, we also learned how to perform 'Santa Claus is coming to town' using LÁMH signs.

In Literacy, we read a very funny story called How to catch Santa. This inspired us to come up with our own ways of how we could catch Santa in our own homes. Just to have a quick chat with, you understand, we know how busy he is!!! We had great fun listening to everyone's ideas. We wonder how many will work!!! Using the headings for procedural writing, we wrote down what we would need & the instructions on how to carry out the task, using First, Next, Then & Last.

We also really enjoyed taking part in the Designer of the Year competition, which saw lots of pupils recycling old clothes to make new junk couture! Congratulations to Donnacha Barry in 1st class for his fantastic Christmas tree hat design. Donnacha used an old green t-shirt, his sisters old red socks, cardboard & an old yellow tshirt for the star. Amazing creativity!

Check out these pics of the other budding designers in our class!

DOTY entries 1.jpgDOTY entries 2.jpgDOTY entries 3.jpg

DOTY entries 4.jpgDOTY entires 5.jpg

Congratulations to the following children who were winners in our Christmas Prize-giving

In Senior Infants

Alannah Reville - Reading Star Award

Lochlan McCarthy - Kindness Award

Fionnuala MacLean - Neatest Hand-Writing Award

Caoimhe Fitzgerald - Spelling Superstar

Patrick Reville - Maths Superstar

1st Class

Rory Hawe- Neatest Handwriting Award

Hazel Byrne - Bookworm Award

Isabelle Hutchinson - Gaeilgeoir of the term

Tamara Williams O'Grady - Spelling Superstar

After such a busy term, we are ready to hibernate until Jan 6th!!!



November Birthdays

Saoirse & Sadhbh - Nov 4th

Lochlan - 13th

Lorcan - 18th

Alannah - 23rd

Darragh - 28th

It has been a super busy month - there has been so much going on....

Science Week, Book Fair, Parent Teacher Meetings, GAA coaching....

This has prompted so much of our work this month.

We had great fun during Science Week ...............

using Izak 9 cubes & experimenting with Beebots (learning some coding skills!!)

Izak 9 cubes.jpgBeebots.jpg

As we were learning about The café in Aistear, we focused on some egg experiments.....& tried some funny tricks with eggs......and looked at the different way to cook eggs AND make pancake batter using eggs!!!!!! Of course we had to taste our produce!!!!!

Eggciting stuff!!!!

Luckily it was Friday so we could have nutella & sugar on our pancakes!!!!😇

bouncy egg.jpgcoloured eggs.jpgcooking egg.jpg

Standing on eggs was so eggciting..........we were sure that we would break them all!!! Luckily only a couple of casualties!!!!

standing on eggs 1.jpgstanding on eggs 2.jpg

While we were waiting to taste our pancakes, we put our procedural writing skills into practice & wrote down each step. We also wrote about how to make our favourite sandwich

making pancakes.jpgProcedural writing.jpg

Art this month has also been linked to food!!!

But first, we made some OWLmazing Clay Owls. We even named them!!!

Meet our parliament of Owls - grumpy looking bunch???

Clay owls 1.jpgClay Owls 2.jpgClay owls 3.jpg

We linked the theme of Winter with our favourite Summer treat & made some SN ICE-CREAMS!!!!

What are they you ask??? Why - Icecream Snowpeople of course!!!!!!!!

Fancy a SN -Icecream.jpg

Check out our Donuts in danger - they look good enough to eat!!!

Donuts in danger.jpg

After reading about Carla's Sandwich, we decided to create our own sensational sandwich selections!!

Sandwich sensations 1.jpgSandwich sensation 2.jpg

Horse- riding for Alannah

Joining our friends in ACB every Friday morning, Alannah just loves to go horseriding.


We have absolutely loved learing all about the café & food through Aistear....

We had a roleplay station (the café), a menu writing station (some interesting combinations), a playdoh station (where we followed procedures & each person made their very own playdoh to take home), a games station (Pop the pig & hungry turtles were the most popular games), Small world where we created very modern cafés/ restaurants complete with drive through, outdoor dining spaces & pets play areas & finally the fine motor station where we practiced colouring & cutting skills, some making funny face pizzas!!!

Check out all these pics to see the fun we had.

Aistear - the cafe.jpgAistear Playdoh 2.jpgAistear - writing station.jpg

Aistear playdoh.jpgAistear - fine motor.jpg

Games station.jpgSmall world.jpg

December is only around the corner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


October Birthdays

Fionnuala - 11th

Rory - 11th

This month has been all about Witches & Wizards, potions & spells, sugar skulls & mummies!!!

We loved our Aistear theme this month!!!!! - The Witches Den.

We were busy getting into role in The Witches Den.

It was a hazardous place to be...spells were chanted, potions were made..

Enter at your own risk!!!!!!

Aistear - the witches den.jpg

For many of us, the potion-making station was our favourite. We got to experiment with colour, using water & food dye. Some of us even tried to dye our hands a different colour!!!!!

Aistear - potion making.jpg

Another favourite station was turning our gorgeous doll house into a spooky haunted house!!! There were frightful things around every corner...inside the wardrobe, under the toilet lid!!!, in the attic, under the stairs, skeletons in beds, ghosts at windows, big hair spiders... it was your worst nightmare!!!!

Aistear - the haunted house.jpg

We also wrote scary spells & powerful potions, we designed marvellous masks & invented & created wonderful witches' fortresses!!!

check out these pics...

...Aistear - writing spells.jpgAistear - mask making.jpgAistear - small world.jpg

In Literacy, we learned lots of rhymes & poems. Our favourite was called 10 things found in a Wizard's pocket by Ian McMillian.

We wrote a class poem about what we thought we might find in a wizard's pocket................fantastic creativity!!!!

Look what we found in the wizard's pocket.jpg

In Art , we made aMazing Mummies & spectacular Sugar Skulls. Following our friends on Arthubforkids, we drew them step by step. Each one different, individual & unique, just like us!!.

sugar skulls 1st.jpgMummy collage.jpgsugar skulls SI.jpg

In Maths, Senior Infants were learning about 2D shapes & their properties.

shape pictures.jpg

In SESE, we learned about the tradition of Halloween, lots of interesting facts about spiders, carved out our class pumpkin, did some pumpkin investigating & even ate marshmallow eyeballs!!! They were DELICIOUS!!!!

pumpkin investigating.jpgScreenshot_20211003-221843_Pinterest.jpg

Winnie the Witch & her haunted house provided a stimulus for some quick Halloween themed pictures using 2D shapes.

Halloween pics 1.jpgHalloween pics 2.jpg

We put lots of our sounds & digraphs together to spell interesting Halloween words & learned about some invisible sounds too. We wrote some compound words.

witch, ghost, Halloween, pumpkin, broomstick, graveyard.

We loved dressing up for school on the day of the holidays & raised lots of money for St Gabriel's Paediatric Ward in Wexford General Hospital. Congratulations to Caoimhe F who won the class prize for the best costume.


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Sept 2021 - June 2022


September Birthdays

Riley - Sept 18th

Freya - 26th

Bryan - 28th

Geraldine (SNA) - 30th

What a busy month it has been!!!

We have been getting back into the swing of things & sharing all our happy memories of a funtastic Summer.

beginning of year displays.jpg

Look how much we have grown with the beautiful Summer sunshine!!!!!

Senior Infants 1 Sept 2021.jpgSenior Infants 2 Sept 2021.jpg1st class Sept 2021.jpg

We are very excited to be in a new classroom, with new furniture & looking forward to working through a new school year.


Our class motto is....

Mistakes are good as they help us to grown & learn more

Combining our class rules

class rules.jpg

We began by practising our cursive writing

remembering our letters.jpg

We all got to sign Archie's blue cast. We are always ready to give him a helping hand. Archie has even got his own 'Batmobile'!!

signing Archie's cast.jpg

We learned all about our names - our first names, middle names & surnames. We found out the reasons behind our names.

We really enjoyed listening to each others nicknames.....In our class we have Meatball, Donut, Hazelnut, Fifi, Keeki, Buddy, Bud,

Kay Kay, Izzy, Caoimh, Cath, Mara, Molls, Arch, Lochie, Saoirshie, Sadhbhie to name but afew. Can you guess who is who?

We learned how to draw self portraits.....can you recognise us? If you can't, you will have to go to Specsavers!!!! We are the spitting image of ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!😉😂

self portraits.jpg

We spoke all about how we travel to school & everything we see on the way.................can you believe it....


our journey to school.jpg

In Senior Infants Maths, we revised our number formation, did lots of counting forwards & backwards, counting to 20, learned about before, after & between numbers. We also looked at pattern...using colour, multilinks, bears, matchsticks & shapes.

pattern work SI.jpg

In Art, we were inspired by Kandinsky's circle designs & created our own unique & personal family trees. Take a look......

Collage 2021-10-08 08_49_27.jpgCollage 2021-10-08 08_50_13.jpg

Our Aistear theme is The School.

Station 1 - Role play - the school office is so busy, answering the phone & taking messages. There are worksheets to make & copy, certificates to print out, accident reports to fill in, the register to call, jobs for the caretaker. Never ending!

Station 2 - Junk art - using a selection of recycling material to design & make a children's playground -


Station 3 - Fine motor skills - careful cutting & pasting of healthy food into our school lunch box. Any unhealthy food was stuck to the back for weekend treat ideas.

Station 4 - Small world - using a selection of wooden blocks, lego & characters to create a school building, inside & out.

Station 5 - Play-doh - designing & creating all kinds of people, objects & items connected with school.

Station 6 - Creative station - designing a new school uniform to wear!!!

Here are some of the images captured of the children's fantastic work.

school aistear 1.jpgschool aistear 2.jpgschool aistear 3.jpg

school aistear 4.jpgschool aistear 5.jpg

During Friendship week, we played lots of co-operative games, listened to many stories about friendship, listened to & learned some songs about friendship & participated in a whole school friendship competition.

Congratulations to Tamara Williams O'Grady in 1st class & Ewan Kinsella in Senior Infantswho were the school's class competition winners. Congratulations also to Riley Murphy in 1st class & Caoimhe F in Senior Infants who were our In-Class winners.

Take a look at their beautiful work....

Collage 2021-10-08 08_58_26.jpgCollage 2021-10-08 08_57_58.jpg

First Class are now in school until 3pm so lots more learning has been happening once the Senior Infant pupils go home. We have been working on report writing. We read all about what school was like long ago!!! We were amazed at how things have changed & had to go home and ask our Grandparents to tell us stories of their school days!!!

Sep 26
Pupil & Staff Erasmus Trip to France
Oct 28
School closes for Midterm Break
Nov 14
Spanish Erasmus Pupils and Staff to visit school
Nov 22
Parent/Teacher Meetings Day 1
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