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Senior Infants

Senior Infants

The year that was......Sept 2019 - June 2020

We bounded back to school in September, same group of friends (less Kevin Cassidy), same school, same teacher but new classroom. We had moved down the corridor!! We were so delighted to be back together again. I remember Conor telling me 'Ms. Franey the gang is back together!!' So we were....& what a year it would be for me to teach these SUPER DUPER SENIOR INFANTS!!!!!

Here is a quick look at some of the work we got up to during our time together before COVID 19 & LOCKDOWN forced us apart!!!

We started off by remembering all the adventures & fun we had over the Summer holidays.


We wanted to remind each other about all the things we should know about our classmates.

20190912_151611 (2).jpg

Outside in the corridor, we wanted everyone to know that in Senior Infants we were all ready to do our very best &



In our class there are some important things to remember


Do you remember what you looked like last September???? Take a look!!!

You have grown up so much!!! Now you are taller, wiser & have longer hair!!!!! laughing




We are missing two very important pictures of Jade & Ryan.

We also welcomed a new member to our classroom, all the way from South Africa.

We knew Tatum was coming & we were very excited to meet her & to help her feel welcome in our class.


We learned all about our names & why our parents chose our first name, middle name & surnames. We had great fun finding out about our nicknames!!! Can you remember any of them???? Was there Pizza!!!, Kitty Cat!!!, P dog!!!! We laughed so much!!

We also enjoyed Friendship week, doing lots of fun games outside with our buddies. Maci won the colouring competition!!!


We learned about our school, we looked at a bird's eye view map & filled in all the classroom. We even designed our own DREAM SCHOOL!!!

Do you remember some of them had twisty slides coming from the tall classrooms. I think there was a swimming pool & an amazing playground!!


We revised all our sounds from Junior Infants & learned more tricky words & Dolch list phrases. In Maths, we started counting way beyond 10!!!

20200325_094733 (2).jpg20200325_094749 (2).jpg20200325_094716 (2).jpg

In Maths we did lots of pattern work using cubes, links, beads, teddy bears. We even did some art work around patterns!


In October, we had our outdoor classroom experience on the beach in Cullenstown. We loved our visits from David Begley. His storytelling was amazing. He had us intrigued!! We learned so much about The Keeragh Islands, the now extinct Great Auk & the endangered South African Penguin as well as countless information on looking after our world, our beaches, the beauty they hold & the trash & treasure you find there.

Look back through this blog to see all those pictures from our rain-filled day & the beach & the donkey sanctuary

& as well as our fabulous Drawing & Print-making workshop over 8 weeks.


As Christmas started to approach, we did some seasonal art with beautiful results.

We discovered Art Hub & listening carefully we were able to follow the instruction & produce amazing work.

We were surprised! Ms. Franey was amazed with our work!! There was lots of sickness so some of us missed out!!frown

We also took a cultural trip to the Art Centre in Wexford to see a Christmas play by Red Moon Theatre, which we really enjoyed.

We wore Christmas jumpers & Santa hat's!!



The 1st thing we did once we got back to school in January was to write letters to Santa, thanking him for all our fantastic toys & gifts.

He even wrote a letter back to us, he was so impressed with our kindness!


We also made some New Year Promises of our own so see if we could start the year off with a new & improved ME!!

20200107_151744 (3).jpg

At the end of January, we got to say a huge THANK YOU & I LOVE YOU to all our Grandparents when we celebrated Grandparent's Day.

We were so proud to show them around our classroom & to show off our fantastic work. They were equally so happy & so very proud of us!!!


We took a look at ourselves & spoke about all the things we are now able to do & all the things we would like to try or to practice & get better at in the future.


We also picked a friend to draw & write about.


Every Friday we were sure to treat ourselves after a hard week of so much learning!! We had to keep our strength up! Ms. Franey always had a supply of chocolate fingers for us & jelly snakes for Darren.

1f5922e4-0b77-4706-b14d-923f2a8396b0.jpg images.jpg

During the year, we had lots of daily & weekly visitors to our classroom. Ben & Conn, our friends from An Choill Bheag came in every Wednesday for story time & songs. When Chris & Síóna, the S.N.A's from ACB went on maternity leave, we welcomed Mel & Geraldine.

Also we loved having Emily Moran on work experience in our room. We gave her lots of tips!!! Way back in October we had Nicola from Stretch & Grow every week, which we really loved. Lloyd, our G.A.A coach returned & showed us lots of skills to practice & improve upon. After Christmas, we did Yoga with Tina. This was another activity we really looked forward to.

Just before we finished on March 12th, we had the pleasure of Ms.Murphy, who was doing her teacher placement in our classroom. She taught us lots of things & we really enjoyed her lessons. We were in the process of organising our outfits & props for our Pirate Themed song in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Carrig-on-Bannow when news arrived from the Department of Education that it was safer for everyone to close our schools.

And so we did, saying goodbye to each other but not for a moment realising how long it would be & that we would have to continue doing our school work at home for soooooo long!!!!!

But we tried our very best & got lots of work & learning done. Sometimes it was more hands on, life skills that we learned with our families or different physical actives to keep us fit & health. Every day we were learning & living & playing & enjoying.

In the future, we will look back on this time fondly (I hope), future generations will cover it in their History class!!!!!

We can say 'Yes that was us!, I remember that time!'

Boys & Girls we have earned our place in History!

To Kate, Kayleigh, Leah, Maci, Carragh, Jade, Tatum, Sophie, Aoibheann, Leona,

Darren, Harry, Adam, Ryan, Paudie, Conor, Tommy & Ben & Conn in ACB

I have loved every moment of my 2 years with ye, laughing, learning, singing, working, thinking.

You will always be my SUPER SENIOR INFANTS!!!laughinglaughing


(Can you find your name?!!!!!!)

Wishing you all an active, exciting, 'funtastic' & safe Summer Holidays.

I will look forward to seeing you all back in school in September, taller & wiser than before!!


June 2020 - Ballymitty Home School Hub

Thanks a million to everyone for sending in all the fabulous virtual school tour t-shirt designs.

I LOVE them all!!!!!! So creative, so decorative, so unique , so special!!!

Conn would like to go on his school tour to his most favourite place in the world - THE BEACH


Kayleigh would love to go on her school tour to SPLASHWORLD


Harry would like to go to THE MOON! What a SPACETASTIC IDEA!!!!!


Here are some of Leona's super creations...


This is Sophie's beautiful t-shirt - I LOVE your button flowers!!


Maci has been busying selling ice-creams in her Barbie stall & decorating her new playhouse. Maci would like to go to a cool PLAYGROUND with her friends on school tour.


Tatum has been busy celebrating her 7th birthday


Ryan has a busy school tour day planned. He will go to the MOON, the ZOO, the BEACH & must end the day with an ICE-CREAM!!!

Great idea Ryan - definitely don't forget the ice-cream!!!


Aoibheann's dream school tour is to go to a FUNPARK, with water slides, animals, ice-creams, cakes & rainbows!!!

Better pack those swimming suits everyone!!!

IMG-20200607-WA0001 - Copy.jpgIMG-46bb3848afc592e5f77f797f9cb94701-V.jpg1591439913615_20200530_161327.jpg

Tommy went on to the Aquarium on his virtual school tour & the trip inspired him to create this fishtastic t-shirt!

Well done Tommy!! My goodness look at the size of that fish!!


Leah has decided she would love to go to Dublin Zoo on her school tour. Super world Leah!!


Darren has also decided that Dublin Zoo would be a great school tour venue!! Wow Darren your animal drawings are brilliant. The colours of the fabric markers really suited your venue.....imagine a green lion!!!!winklaughing

Now that Dublin Zoo is back open (booking essential) all the cousins might get a chance to visit over the Summer & ye could all wear your t-shirts!!!


Leah really enjoyed visiting Disneyland!! Lots of purchases made! Beautiful outfit Princess Leah!!

IMG-20200611-WA0009 (2).jpgIMG-20200611-WA0010 (2).jpg

I really LOVE this picture of Leah & our president Michael D!!


Dublin Zoo has proved a very popular venue for our school tour t-shirt designers!

WOW Tatum, brilliant animal drawings. I love your t-shirt!!. Well done! Hopefully you & your family will fit a trip in over the Summer holidays.

IMG-20200615-WA0003.jpgIMG-20200615-WA0003 (2).jpgIMG-20200615-WA0004.jpg

May 2020 - Ballymitty Home School Hub

Thanks a million everyone for sending in such great pics from home. Ye have all been keeping busy & learning some great life skills.

Tatum has sent in some beautiful colouring & painting work. I see Tyrese's huge interest in sharks is rubbing off on you too Tatum!! I really love the painting of you swimming & I'm very impressed with your swim suit design!!


Maci is now a big 7. I can see that you have grown taller already Maci & your hair is almost as long as Rapunzel's!!! Maci has also been busy organising & arranging her new tree house! Well done Dad!! Super Impressive!!


Tommy has discovered a hidden talent for baking!! Meet Tommy the Baker trying out Ms. Franey's butterfly buns recipe. Great job Tommy!!!

IMG_0486 (2).JPG

Leah has also been trying her hand at dessert making. Here is Leah's very 1st strawberry cheesecake!! Yummy Leah, a favourite of mine!!

IMG-20200517-WA0000 (2).jpg

And here is Conn, with his homemade playdoh, after using Ms. Franey's recipe. I love the colour you chose Conn, yellow is my favourite colour!!! Perfect for making lots of yellow fruit & veg like bananas, lemons & peppers. And of course Mr Sun, Mr Sun, Mr Golden Sun!!!

IMG_20200517_155227 (1).jpg

Carragh has been very busy planting lots of fruit & vegetables!! This ties in really well with our Aistear theme of The Supermarket at the moment. From this picture you can clearly see that Carragh has 'green fingers'........look at how healthy & bright these plants look.....yummy strawberries, lettuce & peas to look forward to Carragh. Can I please come to your house for dinner when we get back to normal!!!!wink


Aloha from Aoibheann & Oisín in Tropical Ballyknock!!!!

Wow guys I am super impressed with your fantastic tropical lemonade stand, bursting with delicious fresh fruit!! Oh I would love a cool tasty class of home-made orangeade right now! I hear you love my recipe. Look at all those props you made ..a surfboard, a sun, a coconut & even the golden sandy beach & beautiful blue water. What a great place to head on holidays!!! cool


Another happy playdoh maker...……….Wow Tommy!! You are showing your younger brothers Bobby & Aaron just how it all works.

First you weigh out your ingredients carefully. Next you mix them all together well. Then you PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!!

What a great big brother you are!!!

Tommy pic 2.pngTommy pic 3.pngTommy.png


April 2020 - Ballymitty Home School Hub

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent me their super pictures from home!!!

It is so wonderful to see all the brilliant & creative work you are all doing.....
whether it's baking, tasting, wrapping, commanding space stations, controlling rockets, designing planets, modelling space suits, pondering your next move ...............everything you do is all about learning & fun!!!!!

Introducing Darren's new puppy, Lucky! And what a lucky puppy!!!
And Darren made some space cookies too!!

IMG_20200424_122007 (2).jpgIMG_20200430_204856.jpg

Aoibheann & her little brother Óisín are on a mission to Mars!!!!
And they are bringing some delicious Rocky Biscuit Cake with them for a snack!!!

Aoibheann's rocket.jpgAoibheann's choc biscuit cake.jpg

Leah has been very busy designing & creating 3D planets!!

IMG-20200429-WA0008.jpgIMG-20200430-WA0013 (2).jpg

And who is this sparkling Astronaut?????? I can just hear her laugh every time I look at this picture!!!



This looks to be a serious game of Jenga & Tatum is thinking carefully about her next move!!!!



Fáilte romhaibh go léir go dtí Seomra Naíonáin Shinsearacha

Welcome to Senior Infants,

We are a class of 19. Two of our friends Ben & Conn are in An Choill Bheag with Ms Casey.

There are 10 girls & 9 boys. Most of us have been together since playschool. So we know each other very well!!! In June 2018 we said goodbye to Kevin, who moved to Dublin & welcomed Tatum, who joined us from South Africa at the end of Sept 2019.

Ms Franey has been our teacher since we started school in Sept 2018!

Look at us in the 1st picture, it's in June 2019. That was the end of Junior Infants!!! Look how much we have grown & changed since then!!

We are so much taller, cleverer & wiser now. The 2nd picture was taking on March 5th 2020.

It was the day of our wonderful At exhibition with David Begley. Under David's expert eye, we did a drawing & print-making workshop using the sea as our main source of inspiration.

It was also World Book Day & we all dressed up as our favourite characters. David was so impressed! Ms Franey became Mary Poppins.

Ms Murphy, who was in our class on teacher training experience (we taught her loads!!!) was The Cat in the Hat!! What a fun day!!!!


Our Outdoor Classroom

Way Way Back in Nov we took a trip to Cullenstown Beach

This was all in preparation for our art project with David Begley. Our theme was The Sea. Before our trip, we were busy learning all about The Kerragh Islands & the Great Auk, the bird, now extinct who lived there! We also made a link with this bird & the South African Penguin which is now endangered because our new pupil Tatum is from South Africa!!!


At the beach we discovered how clouds are formed by using a flask of hot water & a mirror. We learned about tides, identified seaweeds & rocks.

While on the beach, we found a Portuguese Man O’War jellyfish & so we learned about beach safety too! IMG-20191014-WA0000 (2).jpg

The day was wet so we had to improvise by doing some lessons on the bus. We sang & recorded ‘Once I caught a fish alive’.

Once the rain had cleared, we raced back to the beach for some creative outdoor artistic fun!!!! Take a look at what we did!!!!


Of course we had to get a group photo on the wilds of Cullenstown Beach!!!!

IMG-20191018-WA0003 (2).jpg

And the fun didn't stop there!!

Ms. Casey & Ms. Franey had another surprise in store for us!!!!!!!!!

We went to visit Sinead Eton's horse & donkey sanctuary just up the road!!! We were so excited!!!!!!!



20191017_125122.jpg We had such a super day. Sinead gave us some chocolate treats to eat on the way home. Thank you Sinead!!!!

A day to remember!!! We covered every subject at our Outdoor Classroom.




Senior Infants & David Begley


The Sea

through drawing & print-making

Thursday March 5th 2020

(1) We created individual sea monsters as well as producing a class composition, ‘Our Monster of the Irish Sea’


(2) In this lesson we learned about fish scales & experimented with textures & patterns by making fish foam prints by hand.
These were inked up & printed. We also made a class composition with these fish prints called
‘Our imaginative fish species of Keeragh Islands’


(3) We discovered how an etching press works, how to soak & blot paper & how to emboss.

We chose from a selection of seaweed, dried leaves, beach finds & feathers & printed these objects through the press.


(4) Using tissue paper, cotton buds, paintbrushes & ink we made fabulous patterns & textures on our Auk Eggs.


(5) Here we traced a seashell on a sheet of paper laid on an inked plate. Inside this tracing, we drew a map of the shell. Outside of the map we drew fish, sea monsters & mermaids to name a few.
These became our monotype prints.


(6) Here we learned about coastal erosion & beach/sea litter. We played an excavation activity called Trash or Treasure.
Using sieves, we sifted sand to find trash (micro plastic, polystyrene, litter), natural treasure (bladderwrack, a mermaid’s purse, coloured stones), coins.


(7)Using these finds, we prepared carborundum plates for the next lesson by mixing a paste of fine sand & glue.

Using this paste, we painted textured islands on to our plates. Finds were stuck into the paste & left to dry.


(8) After hearing the tale of St. Aidan & the sea monster, we printed our carborundum islands.


(9) Using a selection of materials, we made monotype sea monster egg prints



(10) Our final pieces of print work –
Rubbish Islands
Using Tonks & waste ink papers to create masterpieces!!!!
What is a Tonk print?
Using a roller, ink up a plate with black ink. Spray a little water onto the inked plate and lay newsprint onto it. Rub the back of the paper and peel away to create fantastic patterns and tones. Do this repeatedly and the ink gets lighter each time, so we have black, grey and light grey papers.


Team work is Wonder work
During this Teacher Artist Partnership Print workshop, we learned lots about the sea and the beach through drawing & printmaking.

Alongside Visual Art, we integrated many other subjects including maths, literacy (including story-time), gaeilge, religion, science, history, geography, even dance!!!!!
We learned about extinction, climate change, erosion & pollution.
Each week we laughed, we sang, we heard stories, experimented, discovered & played.
We always asked great questions keeping David on his toes!!

We have been ....

Dear David,
You have been an amazing art teacher to everyone.

From Day 1, when you bounded in with your huge treasure chest of sea treasure, you opened up our imagination to a whole new world...a world on our seashores....a world a stone’s throw away from us.
You came every week with boundless energy & information, you captured our hearts & imaginations.
With your help, we have produced fabulous & fantastic print work using so many treasures of the sea & land.
We THANK YOU David from the bottom of our little hearts for tapping into our imagination & creativity.


Jul 13
July Provision Week 2
Jul 29
First Confession
Aug 01
First Holy Communion
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